Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1178

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Cordy felt disappointment inside even though she could hear that Patrick sounded fine.

Their relationship was neither deep or shallow, but it was over regardless.

In the afternoon, when Robin Tate-one of Cordy’s executives-arrived for a routine update, he instead
said, “I’m afraid I have bad news, Ms. Sachs.”


’The lease of our flagship outlet in KPW Shopping Center that was due for renewal in October has
been repealed, and a new lease tender is due immediately. We approached the manager yesterday,
but they told us that someone bought the entire shopping center and is reevaluating the lease of every
outlet starting next month.’

Cordy’s eyes narrowed.

Everyone was doing fine at their respective outlets at KPW Shopping Center. Why the sudden chaos
and reevaluation of leases?!

Not even a change in owners should lead to such a major reshuffle-forget the enormous workload that
involved, it would also cause serious discontent among the businesses involved.

Was the new owner not interested in making money, or…

Perhaps someone was making a serious push for one of the outlets, and for fairness’ sake, KPW’s
management decided on a reshuffle just to see who could offer a better lease tender.

As a matter of fact, the Starstream Fashion outlet occupied the centermost and best spot in the
shopping outlet. Since it was their flagship physical store, it stood tall regardless of the decreasing
popularity of all physical outlets and boasted significant sales. Most importantly, they must retain the
brand effect to keep up appearances and must never lose it.

From that trail of thought, if anyone was interested in any outlets, their first choice would definitely be
where Starstream Fashion’s flagship outlet was right now.

Having understood that, Cordy told Robin, “Make an appointment with KPW’s manager. I’d like to have
a personal discussion with him.”

’Yes, Ms. Sachs. I’ll have it done right away.”

After Robin left, Cordy crunched the numbers, including KPW’s current circumstances, the brand
outlet’s revenues, and the rest-whatever happened, they must not lose the flagship outlet at all.

Soon, however, Robin returned. “I’m sorry, Ms. Sachs, but the manager kept saying that he is too busy
to make time.”

’Too busy?”

’For the entire week.”

Cordy’s gaze turned cool-that reaction only further proved her hunch that the manager was intending to
give their lot to someone else, which was why he refused to meet.

‘Give me the information on the company that recently acquired KPW Shopping Center and its key


Soon, Robin returned with a dossier, and Cordy stared at the first page for a moment before flipping
through it.

SYX Corp.

When did this company start operating in North City?

But if they were able to acquire the KPW Shopping Center, it meant they had deep pockets.

‘When was it founded?” she asked.

‘Just three months ago,” Robin replied. “And they hit the ground running, immediately cutting a turf for
themselves in North City’s business scene. You might have been too busy with your wedding to

Robin trailed off, afraid to continue.

Cordy pursed her lips in turn-but it was true.

She may have been working too, but it was mostly internal affairs and nothing external.

‘Go on.’

’Oh, okay-well, SYX Corp has been acquiring many other companies of moderate scale since, first land
lots and now shopping centers,” Robin quickly continued. “Their reach has spanned a vast area, and
rumor has it that they are a foreign conglomerate since the person in charge was never revealed, but
the key executives are all famous foreign business folk.’

Cordy continued reading through the dossier as she listened, genuinely impressed by such rapid
progress SYX achieved in such a short time.

In summary, aside from capital, the person in charge must have been outstanding as well.

’Do you have an address?”

‘As in fortheir headquarters?” Robin asked.


’I do,” Robin replied. “It’s in Peach Garden, and it looks like they recently moved there, but we can’t
make it in without an appointment. One of my contacts even told me that no one has ever made it in
the building.”

‘Arrange for a car to bring us straight there.” Cordy made up her mind right then.

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