Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1174

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Patrick gritted his teeth and told himself not to get petty with Sean.

Either way, he could make Sean leave tomorrow.

With that, he started chomping down on the skewers and drank.

As the night stretched over the skies, the lights of the city lit up.

Sean must have drunk a lot.

Still, he was usually rational enough not to get drunk, and he stopped when he was about to reach his

He went outside to the balcony, standing where Patrick stood for a breather.

Sean had never been to Rocktown, only ever coming on business trips and certainly not to gaze upon
its sights properly like this.

Somehow, he found it rather beautiful and enjoyed the touch of the breeze against his face as he took
in the scenery.

There was no telling how long had passed, and he felt a little cold as his drunkenness subsided.

He turned to look through the sliding door that Patrick had already drunk himself silly and was sprawled
over the table.He knew the man would get drunk tonight anyway but did not lift a finger to stop him at
all.He did help, however, since it would hurt a lot more getting drunk on an empty stomach.

Striding into the living room, he scooped Patrick off the floor, who felt as if he was suddenly weightless
and floating in the air.

Was he drunk, or was he drunk? "I think I'm sick,"

Patrick mumbled.

"You'll be fine in bed after a while," Sean assured him quietly.

Patrick frowned but ultimately did not resist as Sean put him in bed.

But the instant he did, Patrick felt his stomach churning and started retching a couple of times.


"Hold on," Sean told him.

"I'll take you to the washroom right away—"


Patrick ultimately could not stop himself and vomited all over the floor, getting some on Sean as well.

Sean sighed heavily in turn—taking care of a drunk person was really a pain.

"Is there more where it came from?" Sean asked nonetheless.

"No," Patrick replied, tossing around after causing all the damage all over the floor and falling asleep.

Sean had no choice but to take off the clothes that Patrick dirtied, throw them into the trash bin, and
then clear the floor.

After that, he headed to the bathroom for a shower...only noticing afterward he had not brought a
change of clothes.

He saw the bathrobe on the rack in the bathroom and put it on-—it was clearly a little small for him, but
he could not afford to be picky.

Once he stepped out, he found Patrick tugging at his own shirt even as he lay in bed, clearly

He was still in his white bridegroom shirt, and Sean walked over to help him take it off.

After some thought, he took off his pants and socks.

He was just finished and about to bring a hot towel for Patrick when the man suddenly opened his
eyes, staring straight at Sean with his jet-black, crystalline eyes.

It actually left Sean a little...embarrassed.

"What are you doing?" Patrick asked him.

That was when Sean looked down and found his bathrobe hanging loosely...

Before he could explain, Patrick kicked Sean, knocking him to the floor beside the bed while he leapt
off, dashing straight for the bathroom in only his boxers...

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