Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1180

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Robin quickly nodded. He certainly had to agree that SYX was a little depraved since they were too

Nonetheless, he asked, “Are we going to keep waiting for their CEO?’

Cordy glanced at her watch, wondering if the man was really that hardworking.

She really doubted he would work overnight and therefore said resolutely,” Yeah.”

Robin had no choice but to stick with his boss.

Soon, it was 11 PM.

On the top floor, Randy reported, ‘Ms. Sachs is still waiting, Mr. Levine.”

John smiled-she really was as tenacious as ever.

’Should we keep her waiting?” Randy asked. “The air-conditioning downstairs is in full force, and it’s
getting cold at this hour…”

John looked up at him, and he quickly said, “I’ll ask someone to set it warmer.”

However, John suddenly said, “Show her upstairs.”


“Take her to the waiting room.”

What a difficult boss.

‘And make sure the room temperature is just right. Bring her fruit, snacks, warm milk—”

‘Yes, Mr. Levine.” Randy promptly left to make the arrangements.

At the lobby downstairs, the front desk receptionist told Cordy politely, ’ Ma’am, our CEO will be getting
off work soon. If you’re still going to wait for him, you may do so at the waiting room outside his office.
He can afford you 20 minutes after he is finished with work.”

“Okay,” Cordy said, agreeing to it immediately-finally, there was hope!

She quickly went to the waiting room with Robin and immediately found it even grander than the
waiting room.

The lobby had gotten very cold just then that she was starting to give in, while the waiting room was
warmed just right.

And there was more fruit, snacks, and even warm milk?

There was something as being too attentive, no?

‘Enjoy, ma’am,” the front desk receptionist told her politely.

Cordy could not help asking, “Your company’s hospitality is amazing. Isn’t your boss afraid of losing


‘My boss is only being this nice to you, though…”

Cordy simply smiled in turn, since ordinary employees would have no such concerns. “Thank you. You
should go back to work.”


The receptionist left, leaving just Cordy and Robin in the room.

They settled down on the soft couch and had some fruit, while Cordy quickly finished the warm milk
since she was feeling a little cold.

And with that, it was more endless waiting.

There was no telling how long they had to wait, and Cordy was starting to get drowsy as she reclined
against the couch.

On the other hand, Robin always napped in the afternoon, but he did not have the time to do it since he
was staying at his boss’ side the whole day.

Now, however, he was asleep soon enough.

Both of them hence dozed off, not noticing at all that someone was standing at the doorway, watching

‘Mr. Levine? She might get a cold sleeping there. Should I bring a blanket?” Randy asked.

“Yeah.” John nodded.

Randy turned and hurried off to get one, and John tiptoed over to tuck in Cordy.

However, he just did so when Cordy suddenly opened her eyes, staring at the man before her and
feeling for a second that she was imagining things … until he started to turn and leave.

“John Levine?!” Cordy called out to him.

John pursed his lips in turn and stopped to turn toward her.

’It’s you? You’re the CEO of SYX Corp?” Cordy understood right then.

She was presuming that SYX was foreign instead of domestic, and there was no question that Levine
Ventures used to have such capital!

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