Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1175

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However, Patrick had not made it inside the bathroom for even a moment when Sean heard a violent

Stunned for a moment, he dashed inside immediately to find Patrick laying on his back, and

Worried, Sean hurried to him in fear that he broke something, only to hear his regular, rhythmic

Sean was left speechless—the man would rather sleep on the bathroom floor than on his huge,
comfortable bed? He arched his back and tried to help Patrick back to bed before changing his mind,
putting the man in the bathtub and helping clean him up instead...

The next day, Patrick opened his eyes when the sun was high overhead and felt his body aching all
over, including his head.

He felt a little hangover and was unable to remember just then how he ended up in bed, let alone fell

He wiggled a little, and his heart skipped a beat when he realized there was someone behind him.What
was more, his back was pressed firmly against their back, and he could clearly feel their warmth!
Patrick almost suffered a nervous breakdown right then— what was he doing last night?! He could not
remember at all! Nonetheless, he carefully turned around, and immediately found himself staring at a
pair of very broad shoulders and scratch marks over it.

Patrick clasped a hand over his mouth, taking deep breaths and repeatedly trying to calm himself just
to stop himself from screaming! What the hell did he do last night?! He slowly got up, fearful that he

would wake the person beside him.

But he at least had to sneak a peek to find out who it was, right?! Patrick pushed himself up and craned
his neck to look, but the man's face was half buried under the blanket, and there was no way to see his
face clearly.

As such, Patrick gingerly tried to lift the blanket with trembling fingers.

It took considerable effort just to reach the blanket, while his heart threatened to leap up to his throat.

When he lifted the blanket, the man turned slightly, revealing his face right then.

S-Sean...?! Patrick could die right then.

To make things worse, Sean suddenly opened his eyes even before he could react, staring at Patrick
for a moment with unfocused eyes before calmly saying, "Mornin’."

As soon as Sean spoke, Patrick rolled out of bed in shock, leaving Sean frowning.

Was he that scary when he just woke up? But just as Sean was about to pull off his blanket to help
Patrick up, Patrick promptly turned his head aside and yelled, "Don't take off the blanket! I don't want to

Sean was mystified—what had gotten into Patrick this early in the morning? Was he still drunk?! "Last
night, did you..."

Patrick tried to speak just then but trailed off as he could not finish his sentence.

"Last night, what?" Sean asked.

Patrick gritted his teeth—he had to be pretending, no?!

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