Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1182

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John could barely exert much strength with his right hand, and he was so busy he almost forgot that he
was half a patient.

His doctor did insist that he rest frequently and attend rehabilitation sessions regularly.

The next day, Cordy was working in her office at Starstream Group when Robin entered. “We just
received a tip, Ms. Sachs…”

“What is it?”

“The CEO of SYX Corp is going to have dinner with Gareth Bryant tonight. He’s the board chairman of
Future Tech.”

“So?’ Cordy asked, frowning—she was unusually irritated whenever John was mentioned.

“Well, Future Tech had been trying to gain a foothold here in North City with a physical outlet. They had
one in a rather remote location, but performance has not been ideal for them. Recently, rumor has it
that Gareth was trying to get a lease in KPW Shopping Center, but that went south too… Therefore, it’s
reasonable to speculate that he is having dinner with SYX’s CEO to discuss a lease


Cordy scowled, naturally understanding what Robin was hinting at.

He was concerned that Gareth had his eyes on their lead lot in KPW Shopping Center.

There would already be considerable competition given that the lot was at the centermost spot of the
shopping center, and the reshuffling therefore affected them the most.

She put away the documents she had been reading, feeling even more indescribable irritation.

She had already lost sleep when she got home last night, having no idea if John was scheming against

Still, she must admit that business folk inevitably prioritized their interest, and John must have been
working so hard to grow his estate.

There was no reason to harass her, and he might be over her too.

After all, he never showed up around her even though it has been a while since Patrick left him at the
altar. In fact, he neither received a text nor a call.

Taking a deep breath, Cordy said, “Find out where they will be having dinner.”

“You mean…”

“Let’s bump into him.”

“Yes, Ms. Sachs.”

Robin left and soon returned with the address.

Cordy left work early for the day and went straight to the restaurant, having booked the private room
next to where John and Gareth would be dining.

She arranged for someone to watch the door as well, and when both John and Gareth arrived at the
restaurant, she stepped out, running right into them.

There was a smile on John’s face for a split second before he appeared surprised.

“What a coincidence.” Cordy greeted Gareth right then. “It’s been a while, Mr. Bryant. Are you dining

“Yes. Are you here to eat too?”

“Yes. I’ve booked this room, in fact.”

“Oh, we’re right next door,” Gareth smiled. “I’ve heard that you’re well-informed, Ms. Sachs, but I didn’t
expect you to be that well- informed.”

Cordy would naturally rather die than admit it. “You flatter me, Mr. Bryant, but this is just a coincidence.
And since it’s such a nice coincidence, why don’t we eat together?”

“Well…” Gareth glanced at John.

John shrugged. “I’m fine either way.”

Gareth nodded. “Let’s eat together, then.”

In the end, no matter how much scheme and plot behind the scenes, business folk could never afford
to get on anyone’s bad side.

And with that, Cordy easily joined John and Gareth at dinner, and they sat down, with Gareth sitting
between her and John while their subordinates sat around them.

As they got started, Cordy raised her glass, “I heard your Al tech has been applied to business a while
ago, Mr. Bryant. I was just thinking about asking if there’s anything that suits my company’s needs,
since I’d like us to develop technically as well.”

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