Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1185

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“Thankyou,” John told Cordy politely.

However, Cordy said nothing and left with Richard.

On the way home, however, Richard suddenly asked, “Mommy, don’t you think Daddy looked good?”

Cordy’s fingers clenched over the steering wheel, but she said nonchalantly, “I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Really?” Richard murmured before adding, “He’s going on a blind date today.”

Cordy blinked and glanced at the boy.

“Are you upset, Mommy?” Richard quickly asked, sensing Cordy’s stare right then.

“No. Just a little surprised,” Cordy said nonchalantly.

“Well, Grandaunt Nancy arranged the meeting for him,” Richard said. “He didn’t want to go, but she

“He wouldn’t dress up for the occasion if he was really reluctant.” Cordy scoffed.

“I thought you weren’t paying attention, Mommy?” Richard smiled in amusement.

Cordy pursed her lips—she could not afford letting her guard down around Richard these days now
that he was all grown up.

“Grandaunt Nancy prepared the suit and everything,” Richard added.

“Let’s not talk about your daddy, okay? What would you like for dinner? I’ll treat you to something
good,” Cordy said, changing the topic right then.

After all, whatever John wanted to do was his business and had nothing to do with her.

“I was just craving the steak at Perkins House.”

“Alright.” Cordy agreed to it without hesitation and took Richard straight there.

A waiter led them to a window seat, and it was not until they sat down that Cordy turned to find John
sitting opposite a young woman at the next table.

Richard followed her gaze and saw John too. “I didn’t know Daddy was having his blind date here,

Cordy turned towards him with a faint smile, leaving him biting his lip—it was an awfully specific denial,
after all.

Still, Cordy did not expose him even as he lowered his head in silence, since she understood how he

Even so, they missed out on each other, and that was that.

Still, even as they ordered their food and started eating, she inevitably looked up to see that John was
having a pleasant time with the young woman.

She could clearly see the interest in her eyes too.

“I’m going to the washroom,” she told Richard then.

“Okay.” He nodded tamely.

Cordy entered the washroom.

When she stepped out from one of the cubicles, she found John’s blind date talking into the phone
excitedly. “I really hit the jackpot today—he’s rich and handsome, although he’s just a little older…”

“That’s good. Older men will pamper you more,” her friend teased. “And they are especially good, if you
know what I mean…”

They both laughed then, the meaning all too obvious.

“Yeah, but I don’t think he’s that easy,” John’s blind date said, frowning then. “He’s nice and
gentlemanly, but he’s also quite distant. I mean, among all the men I’ve met over the years, he must be
the first who’s so uninterested in me.”

“And I suppose you suddenly find that… challenging?” Her friend giggled.

“Of course,” John’s blind date exclaimed excitedly. “I intend to seal the deal tonight.”

“You can do it, girl.”

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