Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1183

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“Of course,” Gareth quickly said, and he and Cordy promptly went into an endless discussion, leaving
John neglected.

And after dinner, both Cordy and Gareth were a little drunk, while John was perfectly sober.

In fact, Gareth was starting to feel sick and left immediately with his assistant.

Once he was gone, Cordy wanted to leave as well, only for Robin to whisper into her ear, “I’m sorry,
Ms. Sachs, but our car broke down and was sent for repairs. Just wait for a moment—I’m calling for
another car.”

“If you don’t mind, Ms. Sachs, I can give you a ride,” John said then.

“No.” Cordy refused right away.

But with that, John did not press the issue and turned to leave with Randy.

Along the way, Randy could not resist speaking up again. “You could have insisted on giving Ms. Sachs
a ride, Mr. Levine. It’s an opportunity to earn her favor.”

“You wouldn’t get it,” John told him, grinning.

Randy was of the opinion that John was the one who did not.

Meanwhile, Cordy was left with a feeling she could not quite describe as she stared at John leaving so

And afterward, she waited with Robin for at least half an hour before their ride finally came.

Her head was spinning, her stomach was queasy, and her heart was uneasy.

Therefore, when she returned home to see John and Richard having a cheerful time in the living room,
her irritation flared.

Why did she have to see John showing up so pompously in her own house?!

“What are you doing here?!” She rushed at them, visibly angry. ” Hadn’t I told you before? Don’t come
here without permission!”

“Alright. I’ll be more careful next time.” John nodded.

His tone was perfectly neutral, showing no anger or tenseness because of her outburst.

He was just so… cool about it.

Then, he added, “It’s the weekend tomorrow, so I’ll be taking Dicky back to Levine Manor for the day.”

“Couldn’t you have called me?” Cordy retorted, a little shrilly.

“But Mommy, Daddy did it several times,” Richard said softly. “He was worried you’d be upset if he
didn’t tell you, so he waited for you to comeback.”

Cordy frowned and took out her phone to see that there were indeed several missed calls.

It was put on silent, but she was dizzy and her stomach was churning too much for her to actually
check her phone.

“You could have waited outside,” she said stubbornly nonetheless.

“It was raining, so I let Daddy come in,” Richard said.

Cordy naturally knew that, since she had just returned. “Doesn’t he have a car?”

Richard was going to argue when John yielded yet again. “It’s fine —I won’t come in next time.
Apologies for imposing. I’ll be leaving with Dicky now, if that’s alright with you?”

Cordy absolutely did not want to agree to it, but Richard was already eleven years old and could make
his own choices in many affairs.

Turning toward the boy, she said, “It’s your own call.”

“I’ll come home Sunday night,” Richard said bluntly.

Richard’s undisguised affection for John only left Cordy further irritated—she had to take deep breaths
and tell herself that blood ran thicker than water.

“Fine.” Cordy agreed to it and turned to head upstairs.

She did not want to let Richard catch on to her irritation and burden her own son, which was why she
had been walking too quickly.

Coupled with the fact that she was already dizzy in the first place, she barely got two steps up the stairs
before she slipped.

She was about to fall, but somehow the only thought in her mind was how much she did not want to
embarrass herself in front of John.

However, the pain she expected never came, and she only felt herself falling squarely into a firm

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