Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1187

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John’s blind date stared at him, unable to say a word for a long while.

Eventually, she began, “I think we should just end it here. We’re not right for each other—”

“I disagree,” John said, cutting her short.

The woman did a double take but quickly shook her head, remembering all the nonsense she had
spouted in the washroom while Cordy was right beside her. “No, I must assure you that we’re not…”

“You just want a good time, and the same goes for me,” John said bluntly.

The woman was left gaping at him.

How could he tell? And here she thought her maidenly act was impeccable!

Even if Cordy was going to tell him, she could not have done it so quickly!

“You’re still fooling around? At your age?!” she exclaimed in disbelief.

John simply stared at her, speechless.

“Wait, I don’t mean you can’t,” the woman quickly said. “I mean, shouldn’t you be settling down by

“I should.”

“And you’re still coming on to me?”

“More like coming to you for help.”

“What?” The woman was left further confused.

“Once it’s done, you will be rewarded generously,” John said, cutting to the chase right then.

“With what, money?” The woman frowned. “I’m not exactly short on cash—”

John simply slid his phone up to her, having typed an amount on the screen.

The woman’s eyes went round as she gaped, her jaw dropping so far down one would wonder if it
would ever close.

“Would that do?” John asked.

“Of course… but that’s a little too much, don’t you think?” the woman exclaimed, staring at him in
disbelief. “Wait, you’re not selling me your kidney, are you?”

John chuckled. “No kidney is worth that much.”

The woman thought about it and had to agree.

Still, she smiled. “I mean, I don’t mind a form of compensation that’s more… physical. You really don’t
have to pay through your nose like that.”

“Surely it’s my freedom to pick the form of compensation. You just have to decide if you’re agreeing to
our deal.”

“Yes, you have a deal,” the woman quickly said. “I’d have to get my brain checked if I refuse something
like that.

John chuckled and told her his requests.

The woman took time to let all that information sink in and concluded, “So, my task is to help you get
back together with your ex-wife?”

“… Technically, she’s not my ex-wife.”

They never managed to get married, after all.

“So that beautiful lady is the mark?” the woman said with a look of understanding. “Don’t worry—I may
be more experienced when it comes to men since I spend most of my time with them, but I’m also
profoundly aware of what different women care most about their men. You’ve found the right person,
coming to me.”

“Then here’s to a productive partnership.” John raised his glass.


A month later, Cordy was at the executive meeting room at SYX Corp, waiting with other businesses for
the invitation to tender.

John, however, arrived late.

He apologized when he finally showed up, saying that something came up out of the blue.

Cordy thought that given his personality, he would never be late for anything arranged this early in

However, it was also a fact that people change, and she did not believe that she knew him that well.

And since John was the first party, everyone had to defer to him, and no one said a word.

That said…

Cordy had not seen him ever since she bumped into him during his blind date.

There were times when he would take Richard to Levine Manor, but he was always polite enough to
text ahead of time. If she agreed to it, he would send a chauffeur over to fetch Richard, so he did not
have to show his face around her.

Naturally, she thought nothing of it… although she was a little unaccustomed since things were
obviously different from usual.

Maybe she would get used to it with them.

Nonetheless, the invitation to tender soon began.

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