Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1193

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Tilting his little head just then, Richard asked, "Mommy, do you not like having Wendy around?"

"I'm fine with her," Cordy said generously.

"Oh," Richard replied with a tinge of disappointment.

Cordy did not dwell on it, simply dismissing it as John's issue that had nothing to do with her.

Saturday morning soon arrived, and Cordy only woke up when it was already 10 AM.She had been
working late on Friday and came home so late it was long past midnight when she got into bed.She
decided to sleep in, considering that she did not have work tomorrow.

When she finally woke up, she stretched her back and headed downstairs in her pajamas, wondering if
Richard had any arrangements for the day.She was still yawning just as she arrived downstairs, where
she found Richard and John in the kitchen, with John cooking and Richard filming with his phone.

Cordy was stunned for a while before remembering Richard's school project—the family vlog.

"You're up, Mommy!" Richard exclaimed as she turned the camera on her.

Cordy quickly tidied her hair while saying, "I'll get changed."

"But you look fine.Don't you agree, Daddy?" Richard asked John just then.

"Yeah," John said before adding, "But it's better to get changed for appearance's sake."

Cordy felt unusually upset to hear John say that.She knew that he was right, but felt just then that he
was showing her contempt for not being self-aware.She turned and hurried back upstairs rather quickly.

When Richard saw that she was gone, he quickly told John, * Daddy, I think Mommy's really angry.You
should say something nice to make her happy..."

John simply chuckled.

"That can wait."

Richard sighed—he certainly could not! His mommy did not seem to take exception to Wendy's
presence, and now, she did not seem to care about his daddy too.

Nonetheless, Cordy took half an hour before finally returning downstairs.

Not only did she change her clothes, but she put on makeup as well and looked a lot more attractive
right then.

"Did you put on makeup, Mommy? You look so beautiful!" Richard exclaimed sweetly, and he
remembered something else just then.

"You put on makeup for Daddy, right? I recently learned that girls like to look pretty for the people they
like." Cordy rolled her eyes.

What was her son learning at this delicate age?! She denied it right away.

"No, I'm doing it because I'm on camera.It's natural that I should look good and win some points in your

"But you're still most beautiful without makeup," Richard quickly said.

Cordy smiled from Richard's flattery—no one would say no to flattery, after all.

"Go wash your hands.It's time to eat," John said.

Cordy glanced at the dishes he cooked and exclaimed, "That's a lot of food.Is that breakfast or lunch?"

Were they really going to finish all of that this early in the morning? "Daddy said you can have brunch
since you didn't have breakfast.We'll also be making cake for the afternoon, or did you forget,
Mommy?" Richard said enthusiastically.

"I actually did," Cordy said flatly.

"Then Daddy will make more," Richard said.

"Sure," John agreed.

Cordy was left speechless in turn.

Soon, they gathered at the dining table, and Richard continued to capture a video of himself explaining,
"We're going to eat now.Daddy made Mommy's favorite.Good work, Daddy."

He put down the phone when he was done filming and said, "Mommy, Daddy, let's eat."

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