Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1190

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“Of course,” Zoe replied.

Wendy promptly opened her camera app and took a selfie with Zoe before suddenly calling out to
Cordy too. “How about we take another one together?”

Cordy was left staring at Wendy, wondering how carefree that woman could be.

“Come on,” Wendy kept urging nonetheless.

Cordy joined them in the end, since she did not want things to get awkward.

However, after taking the selfie, Wendy was muttering, “Oh, it’s not surprising that Dicky is that
handsome—he really got some good genes from his parents. I wonder if Johnny and my kids would
look that good.”

“Wait, you guys are getting married?” Zoe was a little agitated at the prospect.

“Not that soon—we just met a while ago,” Wendy smiled, chagrined, though she soon added meekly,
“But if Johnny proposes, I think I’ll say yes…”

As she spoke, she glanced at John, who did not answer directly and said instead, “Time to eat. Go
wash your hands.”

Wendy stuck her tongue out at him. “You’re coming with me.”

John did not refuse and headed to the washroom with Wendy.

Zoe sighed at that. “Honestly, why did John have to get a woman that young? And he has to pamper
her so much—”

She promptly cut herself off mid-sentence and turned toward Cordy, explaining, “I-I just thought he
changed a lot lately. He usually is so dull…”

Cordy pretended not to hear, and Zoe asked deliberately, “You don’t mind, do you? You did part ways
with him amicably now.”

“Yeah, it was amicable,” Cordy replied.

Zoe frowned ever so slightly—Cordy could really be difficult.

When dinner was ready, everyone sat around the huge dining table.

Zoe sat with Jay, while Cordy sat beside Zoe, and John and Wendy sat together opposite Cordy.

Clara sat with Yelena, who insisted that Richard sit with her.

And the atmosphere around the table was alright, since Yelena kept prattling all the way through.

Her eyes lit up as she pointed a pudgy figure at a piece of grilled meat. “I want that, Dicky.”

Richard patiently put it on her plate.

Then, she pointed at a fish. “I want that, Dicky.”

Richard followed her orders yet again.

Clara could not bear to look. “Yelena, I’ll help you get what you want, okay? Dicky still has to eat.”

“No, I want Dicky to do it,” Yelena cried as she tugged at Richard’s sleeve, before wheeling on Zoe and
Jay. “Mommy, Daddy, can you give me a brother? I want one who looks just like Dicky.”

Zoe really wanted to snap at her, though Jay said seriously, “We can only get you a younger brother,

“Hmm… Well, okay,” Yelena agreed to it after some thought. ” Well, when can I have a younger

“Don’t talk while you’re eating,” Zoe snapped grumpily.

Yelena pouted. “Bad Mommy. Daddy and Dicky are so much better.”

As she spoke, she snuggled up against Richard, who did not push her away and actually fed her

Cordy watched them, suddenly wondering if Richard was lonely as a single child and whether she
should get him a sibling…

That was when she noticed John and Wendy flirting, and she felt stressed just then.

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