Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1191

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Zoe had to call out to her several times before she came to her senses and realized that she had been
spacing out.

"What's with you tonight?" Zoe asked, perplexed.

"You're looking at Yelena one second, and then at John and Wendy the next."

"Was I? I was just thinking, not really looking," Cordy replied half-heartedly.

"Then what were you thinking?" Zoe pressed relentlessly.

"I was just thinking...Yelena is really cute," Cordy hastily came up with an excuse, giving in to Zoe just

"So you want a daughter too?" Zoe asked.

Cordy frowned—so it was a trick question! "Can't I just like Yelena?" she snapped grumpily.

"I like you too, Godmother!" Yelena quickly exclaimed loudly.

"Well, your daughter would definitely be very beautiful," Zoe pressed on nonetheless.

"I refuse," Cordy said flatly.

"Dicky is enough."

"You can do it," Richard suddenly said.

"I want a younger sister too."

"Me too!"

Yelena promptly raised her little hand since Richard had spoken.

"Ask your daddy if you want.He's getting married soon, no?" Cordy said nonchalantly.

John seemed to look her way just then but stayed silent.


Wendy agreed to it right then.

"How many younger sisters do you want, Dicky? We can have two if one's not enough.I could even get
you a basketball team if you really want more siblings."

Richard was stunned for a moment and quickly said, "A couple is enough.I won't be able to take care of
too many."

"Alright.That's two, at least," Wendy said cheerfully. She was the youngest at the table barring the
children, but she was also the most open-minded.


Richard nodded.

At that instant, Cordy profoundly felt how accepting Richard was toward Wendy.

And John had been taking him to Levine Manor her son had become close with Wendy
while he was there? Cordy told herself not to get petty about it, since John was going to get married
eventually, and Richard would get a stepmother.

And despite Wendy's disagreeable behavior, she was still a good person...

Cordy lowered her head and pored over her dinner.She thought it would be just her, Zoe, and Jay here,
and things had to get so awkward instead...

After dinner, Jay and John were having a chat while Richard patiently played with Yelena.

Meanwhile, Zoe, Cordy, and Wendy were on the living room couch and watching TV.

Cordy wanted to leave after dinner, but Yelena refused to let her and Richard leave.

Unable to steel herself and make Yelena cry, Cordy had no choice but to stay.

"Cordy," Wendy suddenly called out to her.

"Yeah?" Cordy asked, turning toward Wendy.

"You never married Johnny?" Wendy asked seriously.

"Didn't he tell you?"

"I think things would get sour if we talked about our exes." Wendy smiled.

‘Then why are you asking me?! "We were never married."

"Then Dicky was born out of wedlock?"


"Well, why didn't you two marry?"

Cordy was really reluctant to talk about the past, while wondering if Wendy really did not feel any
awkwardness at all.

"Wait, don't tell me… You're incompatible in bed?" Wendy blurted.

Cordy was speechless.

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