Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1194

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Cordy picked up her knife and fork and started eating slowly.She was going to argue but noticed upon
a closer look that the food really were all her favorites.

"You didn't have to make my favorites exclusively," she said, seemingly offhandedly.

"I'm not picky with food..."

"I feel guilty imposing on you today, so take this as a token of gratitude." Cordy said nothing else at that
and treated it as an actual polite gesture.

"By the way, didn't Wendy say she was coming? Why isn't she here?" Richard asked.

Cordy looked up at Richard just then—her son really liked Wendy, did he not? "She always sleeps
in.Leave her be—don't disturb her now," John said flatly.

Cordy somehow thought she heard a tinge of tenderness in his tone.

"Okay." Richard nodded.

"What about the afternoon?"

"That depends if she has other arrangements.She'll be here if there aren't any."


And with that, they finished brunch, with Richard and John conversing intermittently, while Cordy
remained silent.When they were done, she offered, "I'll wash the dishes."

Richard had sent the servants away earlier.

"It's alright," John said politely.

"I can do it. You can go about your business."

Cordy said nothing else, since she had a video conference scheduled for the afternoon and she did not
want to be late.She headed straight there after brunch and before returning inside, she told Richard,
"Come get me in the study if you need more content for your vlog."

"Okay.It's alright, Mommy.You can keep working," Richard quickly said.

Cordy was miffed—Richard seemed to be understanding, but it somehow felt like she was
imposing.She took a deep breath and told herself that it was normal that Richard loved playing with

After all, John was the one who raised him as a child, and Richard worshiped John.

Cordy returned to the study to work, and after the video conference, it was already 3 PM.She ended up
disappointed, since Richard never came looking for her.

It seemed that on most occasions, it was not the parents who were reluctant to leave their children—it
was the other way round.

Cordy took a deep breath and left the study.She just got downstairs and found John, Richard, and
Wendy smiling and chatting.

John was baking something, and Wendy was learning but failing, which caused John and Richard to
roar with laughter.

Cordy wondered if she should not show up just then.

"Mommy," Richard called out to her as soon as he saw her.She never could avoid him.He exclaimed
excitedly, "Hurry over here, Mommy.Daddy is teaching Wendy to bake.We made a lot—you have to try
it.It's great!"

Cordy was reluctant to curb Richard's enthusiasm either, and she walked over to see rows of
confectionery on the countertop.Everything looked positively salivating.

"Try this, Mommy.It's matcha pie—Daddy made it for you since you like the flavor." Richard picked a
slice up and held it beside her mouth.

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