Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1196

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Understanding that she should be grateful, Cordy moved to stand next to John.

Wendy raised the smartphone again and said, "Three, two, one, smile!"

She even took several more after that.

"Alright!" Wendy exclaimed when she was done, and she passed Richard his phone back.

"Check it out.Are they good?"

Richard scrolled through them and quickly said, "It's great, Wendy.Thank you."

"Oh, it's nothing," Wendy replied.

Things were perfectly harmonious, and Cordy felt like she was not a part of it.

However, Richard would always reach out to her, always paying attention to her mood like he did now.

"Mommy, can I film a video of you and Daddy working together?"

Cordy was going to say no, but John agreed to it right away.

* Sure."

Cordy glanced between John and Wendy, the latter who shrugged nonchalantly.

"Of course—anything that makes you happy, Dicky."

"You're the best, Wendy."

"Of course" Wendy said smugly.

"And I'll treat you the same even after I have a soccer team with your daddy."

Dicky was a little embarrassed by that and quickly turned to Cordy.

"Are you okay with that, Mommy?"

She nodded—could she say no when everyone agreed to it? With that, they headed to the kitchen and
started baking.As Richard filmed them, John told Cordy, "Separate the yolk from the white."


She nodded and quickly broke an egg, using a glass rod to keep the egg yolk from the egg white.

John had actually finished with his task when he eventually turned and saw what Cordy was doing.He
chuckled, and Cordy promptly looked up at him, frowning.

"What are you laughing at?"

"You don't know how to separate the yolk from the white, do you?"

"I'm doing my best, aren't I?"

Cordy snapped in displeasure.

And why was it so hard?! Both were so smooth and slippery she just could not separate them...

John's smile broadened, and he handily picked up a plastic bottle from the side.

"Take this," he said, holding it out to her.

Cordy was perplexed but took it anyway.

"Aim the mouth of the bottle toward the egg yolk," John instructed.

Cordy was mystified but did as she was told.

"Now, suck it."


Cordy was confused.

"The bottle."

"How? With my mouth?" Cordy asked.

John laughed at that, which angered her further.

"What are you laughing for?" she demanded a little angrily.She had never done this before—there was
nothing funny about it! John did not get upset, however, and simply walked over to her, wrapping one
arm around her waist and placing both hands on the plastic bottle.

Cordy was starting to feel a little uncomfortable, but before she could resist, John told her, "Don't

Then, she felt his fingers pressing on the bottle, which instantly sucked in the egg white.Startled, Cordy
looked up at him with clear delight and a sense of accomplishment.However, just as she did, John was
leaning downward, and they pulled very close...

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