Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1197

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Stunned, their eyes met for seconds before Cordy quickly pushed John away and turned her back on

They had been so close she spaced out for a moment, but she still felt John's hot breath becoming
rushed.She could also feel her own heart racing wildly, while her cheeks burned.She took a deep
breath to calm herself, deciding that she had been a little careless just then.

"That was great, Mommy! Do your best!" Richard quickly exclaimed just then, cheering her on as he
noticed the awkwardness between his parents.

Cordy slowly calmed down as well and seriously learned baking from John while quietly keeping his

Naturally, he did not step out of line either—in fact, he was paying considerable attention not to get too
close since he felt her aversion.

Soon, they finished making cookies, which were a little charred but tasted good.

Cordy felt a strong sense of accomplishment, especially with Richard munching while flattering her.

"Wow, your cookies are wonderful, Mommy!"

"You're amazing, Mommy! This is so delicious!"

"Wendy, you should try my mommy's cookies too.It's her first time, but it's really good!"

Wendy had some too, and she did not hold back from praising Cordy as well.

"It's really good—it's is much better than what I made.You have a gift, Cordy."

Cordy was actually embarrassed from all the unrestrained praise.It was fine coming from Richard since
he was her son, but it was definitely awkward coming from Wendy.

Did Wendy not mind that Cordy used to be with John? After she was done with the cookies, Cordy got
a call and excused herself.

It was actually nothing important, but she really could not stay immune to the atmosphere in the room
and the complicated web of relationships between everyone in said room.She returned to her study
and kept working—she had no idea how long Richard would film his vlog, but she figured that they
would not be staying for dinner.She dilly-dallied until it was past six before finally stepping out of her

There was no one around by then, and she wondered if everyone had already left.She could not quite
describe how she felt just then, but she was definitely a little upset that everyone left without telling her.

And most of all, did Richard leave with them, thus leaving her alone? She took a deep breath, telling
herself once again not to get petty.

However, just as she arrived downstairs, she suddenly overheard someone speaking over the
phone.Her voice was soft, and it seemed to be they were still around? Although Cordy did
not have the habit of eavesdropping, she suddenly heard Wendy exclaim excitedly, "A six-foot tall slab
of muscles?!"

Cordy pursed her lips but stopped in her tracks.

"Well, I can't make it.I'm not done over here," Wendy whispered.

"I mean, you girls could send me more photos...Yeah, I'd really like to be there!"

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