Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1202

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Cordy’s eyes flashed, and John looked down to find himself topless.

He promptly picked up his shirt that was left nearby to cover himself.

Cordy frowned—obviously, she wanted John to get dressed, but it irked her seeing him getting agitated
as if she was the one taking advantage of him.

Did he have to be so dramatic? It was not like she hadn’t seen him naked.

Still, she watched as John quickly put his clothes on and said, “I didn’t know when I took it off. I didn’t
mean to…”

Then, he quickly got to his feet, ready to leave bed—whether he moved too quickly or he was still drunk
and dizzy, he wobbled as he got up.

He looked like he could fall at any moment, so Cordy reached out by instinct to hold him.

However, the instant she touched him, he flinched and shifted away from her… which led to him
dropping to the floor with a dull thud.

It was certainly a horrible fall, and it left the man himself stunned, unable to regain his senses even as
he lay sprawled on the floor.

Cordy simply stared at John, who was obviously averse to her and would rather fall to his death than let
her help him.

She took a deep breath and told herself not to get upset—that there was nothing between them, which
was why they must keep their distance.

She simply waited for John for a while until he slowly rose to his feet, looking embarrassed from head
to toe.

He rarely embarrassed himself so much, after all.

“It’s late. I should head home,” he said, not forgetting to add, “I still have to take Wendy home later.”

Cordy pursed her lips—she needed so much restraint to stop herself from telling him that Wendy was
enjoying herself just then.

She wondered how John would react to that if he found out… a heart attack, perhaps?!


“I’ll ask my chauffeur to drive you,” she said.

She had no reason to keep him—now that he was conscious, he certainly should not stay in her house.

Men and women should always maintain a civilized distance between one another, after all.

“Thank you,” John said, and they left the room together.

Remembering something else just then, Cordy told him, “Tell Dicky you’re leaving. Don’t let him think I
chased you away.”


John headed to Richard’s room, while Cordy waited for him outside.

He arrived after a while, saying, “I’m done.”

Cordy nodded, and they filed down the stairs.

Still, Cordy had just taken a few steps down and turned to find John wobbling again, and walking very

Hesitating for a moment, she then moved to his side. “Need help?”

John looked at her, looking a little hesitant.

As such, she said, “It’s fine if you find it inappropriate. Just take your time—”

“Thanks,” he suddenly said and reached out to put a hand over Cordy’s shoulder.

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat in turn, but that was John alright.

He was just full of surprises.

She had the feeling that he was distant since he had a girlfriend now, but it made sense that he would
stay away from other women now that he was in a relationship.

And yet, she also felt on occasion that he was not actually that resistant to her presence….

Cordy stopped herself from thinking right then.

All she wanted to do right now was to send John away as soon as she could.

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