Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1200

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Richard saw Cordy and quickly put a finger on his lips so she would stay quiet.He certainly looked
upset and was reluctant to have John woken up.

Cordy pursed her lips and said softly, "We can't let your daddy sleep on the couch the whole night..."

"I'll ask him to sleep in one of the rooms," Richard quickly said.

"No, what I mean is, shouldn't we ask Wendy to get him? He's drunk, and he needs someone to take
care of him when it's this late."

"Can't I do it?" Richard asked, a little disappointed.

"You're still a child."

"Can't you do it?"

"That's inappropriate considering our current relationship," Cordy said seriously.

Richard was unhappy about it, but he nodded tamely regardless.

Cordy texted Wendy, since they exchanged numbers earlier.However, Wendy did not answer, so Cordy
called her.It took a while for Wendy to answer, and it was very noisy on the other end for a while before
things finally quieted down.

"What is it, Cordy?" Wendy asked.

"John got drunk and fell asleep.Could you come get him?"

"I'm still with my friend and I can't leave at the moment.Can't you let him stay the night?"

"Do you think it's appropriate to let your boyfriend stay the night at his ex's place?!"Cordy snapped, her
temper flaring right then.Her tone was severe, but she had been feeling stressed the whole night.The
thought that Wendy actually left to mess around with other men was more than what Cordy's principles
could take.

Nonetheless, Wendy retorted with righteous indignation, * What's inappropriate about it? John is
Dicky's father—what's wrong with sharing a roof? I mean, you're being cruel if you don't let them hang

"A-Aren't you worried that something would happen between me and John?!"

Cordy was bristling—was Wendy that naive, or did she simply not care?! "What could happen?"

Wendy shot back, seemingly even more nonchalant.

"I mean, would you have broken up before if there was something that could? You're definitely apart
since you don't like each other, and that means I would have nothing to worry about...Oh, Cordy, just be
kind and let John stay the night.

I'll come first thing tomorrow once I'm done here, okay? Thanks in advance!"

And with those words, she hung up before Cordy could get a word in.

Cordy was left staring at her screen, speechless.

Richard came to her, leaving the living room just then— Cordy had left earlier since she was worried
about waking John.

"I think Daddy is feeling sick, Mommy," he said nervously.

"Is Wendy coming back soon?" Cordy pursed her lips.

"She said she's busy. She can't make it."

"Well, what should we do? Do we send Daddy home?"

Richard asked before muttering, "But I also heard it would be uncomfortable for drunk people to be
moved around, and Daddy might vomit along the way.He looks really sick to me.Cordy inhaled deeply
and finally said, "Help your daddy to one of the rooms.He's sleeping here tonight, I guess."

"Really?!" Richard exclaimed, excited right then.

"You're the best, Mommy.I'll help Daddy to the room now." He quickly ran off too, as if worried Cordy
would change her mind.

Cordy sighed but followed him to the living room, where John was still completely unconscious.

‘Honestly, why would anyone drink so much?’ She watched as Richard worked hard to help John to his

Even if he was not particularly fat, John was tall and muscular, making for a heavy mass.

Cordy was certainly well aware of that, and Richard would not actually move him far despite his growth.

After hesitating for a while, Cordy eventually walked over and put one of John's arms over her

As they lifted him, he opened his eyes, his gaze unfocused while he wobbled with them up the stairs to
his room.

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