Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1203

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John put an arm over Cordy’s shoulder as she kept him standing, letting him press his entire body
weight over her.

They slowly headed downstairs and then out of the mansion, where her chauffeur sent him off.

John did not even say goodbye after getting into the car and left just like that.

Cordy heaved a long sigh in turn.


After that night, Cordy did not meet John much, although he would occasionally text her out of
politeness whenever he would take Richard to Levine Manor.

Aside from that, they basically did not stay in touch.

Still, on a certain weekend and Richard returned from Levine Manor, Richard mentioned offhandedly,
“Daddy is going to marry Wendy.”

Cordy was just taking a sip of water and ended up spitting it all over Richard’s face.

As he gave her a wounded look, she quickly wiped him. “Sorry, I was just a little surprised… But they
just started dating a while ago, didn’t they?”

“Are you upset, Mommy?” Richard asked quietly.


“Then why did you get so excited?”

“I was just surprised.”

“Oh.” Richard did not dwell on that and simply told her, “Well, Daddy isn’t young and it’s time he settled
down, although I’m not sure what Wendy thinks. She’s still young, but I don’t think she’d say no since
she loves Daddy to bits.”

Cordy was left melancholic at that and was once again caught in the dilemma of telling John that
Wendy did not love him… or that Wendy was not that loyal, at least.

But if John and Richard really found out about Wendy’s true nature, Cordy really had a hard time
imagining how devastated they would be.

On the other hand, Richard saw that Cordy was not speaking for a while, and he asked, “What’s wrong,

“Nothing,” she replied. “I just think that one should be prudent about marriage, not just deciding on it
after a brief relationship and presuming that she’s the right person just from that. Marriage is for life,
after all…”

“I think so too.” Richard nodded in agreement. “But I think Daddy felt the urgency, and it’s been a while
since I saw him being so lively. I actually think he looks younger thanks to Wendy’s company.”

Cordy had to agree that there was a difference in John too.

She basically never saw John tweet before, but she would occasionally see his tweets recently.

The tweets were nothing special, and there were certainly no photos with Wendy and whatnot, but she
could feel that he was reveling in bliss.

But the more she felt that way, the more her conscience seemed to gnaw at her.

She really could not just watch and do nothing while John became lost in it…

“Mommy,” Richard said, seemingly having given the matter serious thought as well. “Why don’t you try
talking to Daddy? Tell him that marrying so soon isn’t actually that good. I mean, I think highly of
Wendy, but she’s also too playful… I’m worried that she considers her marriage with Daddy to just be a
game too.”

Cordy was left gaping.

Richard realized that despite being a child?

And John never felt that, even though Richard did?

The man must have been bewitched by Wendy. There was no other way about it.

Even so, Cordy refused. “You should go for it, since it’d be inappropriate if I do it.”

Whatever the case may be, her relationship with John was simply awkward, and there was no telling
where they should set the line once they started discussing certain matters.

And with that simple exchange, Cordy returned to her room.

Richard watched her leave, his little face showing utter disappointment.

When would his mommy ever open up?

The next day, Cordy was at work when Zoe suddenly called her, saying excitedly, “Cordy, let’s get
drunk tonight!”

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