Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1204

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Cordy raised a brow. “Tonight? Not the weekend?”

“You’re the boss,” Zoe told her. “You have a say on your own work hours.”

Cordy sighed, but it had been a while since Zoe asked her out like this. “Why tonight? It seems

“Jay left on a business trip,” Zoe exclaimed excitedly.

Cordy was speechless. “You’re not afraid of upsetting him, huh?”

“He won’t be upset if it’s you,” Zoe quickly said. “And Quinn missed out on that dinner before, so she
can make up for it now.”

“Fine, but I might be late. I’m taking stock of the share markets in the afternoon, so that might take a

“It’s no issue,” Zoe said generously. “We’ll wait.”


Cordy put down her phone, rubbing her temples wearily just then.

She had been burning out a little from work lately, so it was time she relaxed.

Hence, Cordy kept the meetings for the day short and headed straight to the destination Zoe told her
about after work.

It was the same old—a private room for just the three of them, and getting drunk was inevitable
whenever Zoe was involved.

To make things worse, they were already drunk, but Zoe still insisted on dragging them along to a
karaoke bar.

Quinn tried to reason that it was very late, but Zoe was relentless.

Quinn turned toward Cordy for help, and Cordy could agree that it was very late for them to stay.

And yet…

Fine, Cordy could admit that she had wanted to vent a little.

“Let’s just hang out a little longer,” she said.

Quinn was stunned, since she was convinced Cordy would not play along.

And since two of them were going, she had to tag along.

There, they booked yet another private room and started singing while drinking—mostly drinking.

But while they drank themselves silly, Zoe suddenly asked, “Have you been feeling stressed lately,

“What?” Cordy frowned, convinced that she did not let it show.

“Right?” Zoe pressed, a confident look showing on her face.

“Not really. Maybe I’ve just been feeling a little pressure since my workload is burgeoning.”

“Oh, I don’t think so.” Zoe smiled sinisterly.

Cordy completely ignored her. “I need the washroom.”

“Yeah, run away.” Zoe snorted, even more confident of her hunch then.

“What, you don’t need the washroom after drinking so much?” Cordy snapped in exasperation and
turned to leave the private room.

But as she closed the door, she could clearly hear Zoe exclaim, “There’s a washroom right here! You’re
just trying to avoid the issue!”

Cordy shut the door and leaned against it for a moment as she sighed.

She was a bad liar, but she was convinced that things were not what Zoe presumed them to be either.

However, she was definitely a little drunk, and she needed a breather.

She started heading to the washroom but had barely walked a few steps when she noticed a familiar
figure in the hallway.

Said figure was clinging tightly to a man’s body, and they were kissing each other fiercely.

While it was natural to run into such sights at the bar and other entertainment centers, Wendy was still
supposed to be still in a relationship.

How could she be this carefree? Was she not afraid of getting caught in the act?!

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