Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1205

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Cordy simply stood there, watching them kiss for a long while.

Her legs were starting to feel sore when those two finally pulled away, but they were obviously reluctant
to stop.

When Wendy finally pulled away from the man’s embrace, she took him by the hand and started to pull
him along… until she turned and found Cordy standing there.

“Woah!” she exclaimed, clearly shocked to the core while Cordy stared at her calmly.

The man with her was startled too and could not help asking, “What’s wrong, baby?”

“N-Nothing,” Wendy stammered guiltily.

The man then glanced between her and Cordy. “Who is she? Friend of yours?”

“Uh, hmm…” Wendy stammered for a while and finally said, “Can you wait for me over there? I’ll come
back to you later…”

“I thought we’re heading straight to a hotel, babe,” the man chuckled, even nuzzling against her. “I can’t
wait already.”

Wendy appeared even more embarrassed at that and pushed the man away, “Come on, just go. Be a
good boy now.”

“Okay, I’ll wait.” The man had to leave obediently, seeing that Wendy was serious about it.

Cordy watched as the man left before turning toward Wendy, who smiled gingerly. “Small world, huh,

“Small world indeed.” Cordy sneered.

“Are you alone?”

“Does that matter?” Cordy asked.

“I mean, I have a few more friends waiting. Why don’t you hang out with us?” Wendy offered. “They’re
all real studs there…”

Cordy’s eyes narrowed sharply, and she was suddenly glowering visibly.

Wendy clearly noticed that and stopped pretending right then.

“Look, I’m still young, and I can get a little playful sometimes,” she admitted. “But this is just a game,
and I’m serious about John. Can you not tell him what you just saw?”

“No.” Cordy was determined.

“Come on, Cordy,” Wendy purred. “We’re both women. You don’t have to be so cruel, right? I can
introduce you to some pretty boys—satisfaction guaranteed.”

“Wendy, don’t think everyone’s like you…” Cordy retorted, refraining from obscenities.

“You just haven’t had a taste yet,” Wendy said confidently. “Once you have, you’ll understand why.”

“I don’t need that.”

“It’d be a waste even if you lived long.”

“I’m talking to you about your relationship with John right now, Wendy.” Cordy said sternly.

Wendy took a deep breath and said slowly, “That’s between me and John. It has nothing to do with

Cordy was actually stumped, and Wendy suddenly seemed to grow a spine and continued confidently,
“I mean, you’re just John’s ex and nothing else. You have no right to meddle in our relationship, let
alone interfere with whatever happens between us!”

However, Cordy was equally staunch. “No, I don’t have a right to meddle, but it’s also my freedom to
decide whether I should tell John what I saw you do tonight.”

And with that, she had no intention to keep arguing—Wendy obviously had no moral compass, and
more words were just a waste of time.

She had barely walked a couple steps when Wendy suddenly jumped in front of her, cutting her off.

While she glared coolly at Wendy, Wendy suddenly seemed to yield and apologized!

“Look, Cordy, I know I made a mistake, but don’t tell John, alright?” Wendy cried miserably. “John and I
are serious… I just couldn’t resist the temptation, but I swear I won’t do this again, okay? Never ever!”

While Cordy pursed her lips, she added, “I promise I’ll be eternally loyal to John from now on. Just give
me a chance, alright?”

Cordy was actually left hesitant.

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