Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1189

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Cordy brought Richard along as she headed to Zoe and Jay’s apartment right after she left work.

Zoe was excited to see her. “Welcome, Cordy! Come in, Dicky- Yelena’s waiting to play with you.”

Richard had not actually met Yelena on that many occasions, but it was clear that the little girl liked

And in spite of Richard’s haughty nature, he was surprisingly patient with Yelena.

Blood relations were a funny thing, no?

In fact, just as Cordy and Richard entered, Yelena already came and pulled Richard away.

“Isn’t Quinn coming?” Cordy asked, since it was always the three of them whenever they gather.

“She’s going to be gone for two weeks. She has a lawsuit to deal with,” Zoe said regrettably.

Cordy nodded, feeling the same way.

The three of them had been too busy to gather lately.

“Where’s Jay?” Cordy asked just then, since she only saw Clara working in the kitchen and greeted

“He’ll probably be back soon,” Zoe replied.

As she spoke, the door opened.

Cordy turned to find Jay entering in a wheelchair.

John was with Jay and his blind date.

They were certainly looking perfectly comfortable with each other.

Cordy pursed her lips then and turned toward Zoe.

Zoe quickly explained, “I really didn’t know Jay would bring him.”

Cordy was skeptical—Zoe was obviously lying with that twinkle in her eyes.

Still, Jay stepped in then to help back up Zoe. “I was at John’s office to help him with work. It happened
to be time for dinner when we’re done, so I invited them over.”

Cordy almost rolled her eyes.

These two were getting more cunning by the day, no?

“You don’t mind, do you?” Jay asked just then.

“It’s your home. What you say goes,” Cordy said through gritted teeth.

“Oh, this is Johnny’s girlfriend. Why don’t you introduce us?” Jay told John then.

Before John could speak, the woman said eagerly, “We’ve actually met a month ago when I first met
Johnny on our blind date, Ms. Sachs. Do you remember?”

“… I do.” Cordy smiled gingerly.

Cordy must admit she was impressed—she had clearly overheard the woman saying all that crap at
the washroom, but the woman was still so composed?

“I’m Wendy Crane, but you can just call me Wendy,” the woman said as if they were friends already.
“Can I call you Cordy? You’re Dicky’s mother, after all. It’s too formal to call you Ms. Sachs.”

“I’m fine either way,” Cordy replied neutrally.

Wendy did not spend much time on Cordy either and quickly turned toward Zoe, looking her from head
to toe excitedly. “Oh, I finally get to meet you in person, Zoe! I really like you—I’m a big fan!”

Zoe actually blushed a little despite usually being so thick-skinned.

Wendy continued, “I was going to have dinner with Johnny anyway, so I insisted we come to Jay’s
house because I really wanted to meet you. You look even better than on TV… Can I have an
autograph?” “Okay.” Zoe nodded, actually left awkward by Wendy’s enthusiasm.

“How about a selfie too?” Wendy whipped out her phone, looking hopeful just then.

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