Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1207

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Wendy called Cordy the next morning.

However, after Cordy got home, she kept waking up in her sleep, since all she could think about was
Wendy cheating on John with another man…

Naturally, her temper flared as soon as she saw Wendy’s call, which was why she snapped a little
loudly at Wendy, “Wendy, did you forget your own promise last night?!”

“I can explain, Cordy,” Wendy quickly said. “I was just a little tipsy last night, so I was afraid that John
would get upset with me if I went to his place. I headed to my parents’ home instead, but I really did not
do anything wrong. You have to trust me.”

“Really? And why should I trust you?” Cordy sneered.

“I…” Wendy tried off, unsure how to explain herself.

However, after a moment of silence, she suddenly asked, “Cordy, are you still in love with Johnny?”

“What?!” Cordy bellowed, clearly incensed by that response.

She had always been calm—in fact, she was calm when she caught Wendy being up to something so
outrageous just last night. In fact, she consciously decided to resolve the matter rationally instead of
telling John immediately.

But now, that single line from Wendy left her flustered.

And to make things worse, Wendy pressed the issue. “I hit the nail on the head, didn’t I?”


“Cordy, I’ve always had faith in your character,” Wendy simply continued with righteous indignation. “I
thought since it was over between you and John, it really was over. I even respected your relationship
with him, since I know that you can’t really keep your distance when you both have a child together. I
fully accepted Dicky in my life, but now I think you’re venturing out of line.”

Cordy was really angered then and snapped, “I’m just a person with virtue and integrity! What’s the
problem if I take issue with your behavior and stand for justice? It won’t be just me—anyone who saw
what you did last night won’t be able to pretend nothing happened either!”

“That’s still my business! You don’t get to have a say!” Wendy retorted furiously. “Let me be clear: I
don’t want you to meddle in my relationship with John!”

“You call this meddling?!” Cordy really thought then that she could not get through to Wendy at all.

“What, am I wrong? Things are going well between me and Johnny now, and your meddling would only
affect our relationship. You just want to get Johnny to break up with me so you can get together with
him, don’t you?”

Cordy pursed her lips, genuinely furious at Wendy.

Wendy, however, only got more conceited with her silence. “Cordy, let me give it to you in no uncertain
terms: you don’t need to worry about what’s going on between me and Johnny. It’s all between us and
no one else. I hope you won’t meddle in our relationship.”

“And I’ve had it with you,” Cordy said icily. “I have no misgivings now since you insist on being

“What are you talking about?”

“You’ll know soon enough,” Cordy snapped and hung up.

She took a moment to calm down before calling John.

“Did Wendy call you already?” he asked, nonchalant. “I just called her and told her you were looking for

“John, did you know…”

Cordy suddenly paused.

She had clearly made up her mind, but suddenly could not finish what she was going to say.

She simply could not understand how Wendy could show no qualms, let alone guilt, for what she did…
when Cordy herself, a witness, could hardly bring herself to speak about it.

“Did I know… what?” John asked, confused just then.

“About Wendy.”

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