Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1208

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John sounded even more perplexed. “What about her?”

“You’re going to propose, right?” Cordy asked, doing her best to stay calm.

“Oh…” John chuckled. “Dicky told you, huh?”


“Well, I was just planning that, since I’m not exactly young,” John admitted. “I’ve asked Dicky, and he
agreed that Wendy suits me, so I plan to go through with it.”

Somehow, those words stung Cordy’s ears.

“You really love her, don’t you?” she asked.

“What?” John asked a little shrilly, probably shocked that Cordy would ask something like that.

Nonetheless, Cordy repeated herself slowly and clearly, “You really love Wendy, don’t you?”

“Well, not that much. I just think she’s a good fit for me,” John explained calmly. “At my age, I just want
to find someone to settle down with.”

“She’s hardly the person for that,” Cordy said solemnly.

“Why?” John was confused. “Because she’s too young?”

“That’s one of the reasons,” Cordy said, no longer intending to hide it. “The other is that she


“Yes, misbehaves!” Cordy repeated sternly.

“How so?”

“I ran into her last night at a bar.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes,” Cordy said. “She was with another man…”

Cordy trailed off and did not go into detail, but she knew John would get it.

However, John simply said, “Well, she gets playful from time to time. And she’s young—it’s normal for
her to frequent such places.”

“Don’t you get it, John? I’m saying that she was hooking up with another man!”

“Don’t men and women get a little playful after a little alcohol?” John replied, defending Wendy right
then. “She’s really sociable, and she already told me before that she enjoys going drinking with her
friends. It’s normal for her to get lively at her age.”

“What does it take for you to recognize reality, John?” Cordy snapped, earnestly frustrated just then.
“Don’t you remember that she told you yesterday that she was taking care of her father last night? But I
saw her at the bar! What is that if not a lie?”

“Yeah, she told me,” John told her calmly. “She told me last night that the friend from before asked her
out again. She didn’t want to go, but her father mostly recovered, and it was that same friend who was
getting depressed over her breakup and threatened to kill herself. Wendy’s just worried her friend might
really end up doing something drastic, so she went to the bar.”

Cordy was left biting her lip.

She really underestimated Wendy there, and it was not surprising why Wendy could confidently fight

For one, Wendy was dead sure Cordy did not have evidence against her.

Cordy certainly did not take photos since it never crossed her mind.

Secondly, Wendy was convinced she had John wrapped around her little finger.

John was her boyfriend, and he would believe anything she said.

Cordy sneered.

Wendy was certainly a lot less naive than she thought!

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