Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1211

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Richard called out to her just then. “Mommy?”

Cordy came to her senses and said evenly, “It’s your daddy’s decision. You should respect it.”

“Okay,” Richard replied before remembering something. “What present do you think I should get for
their wedding?”

“Nothing. Just give them your blessing,” Cordy said flatly.

“But I really want to give them a present,” Richard said seriously.

Cordy pursed her lips but remained silent.

She had no idea what she should suggest, and given how she felt about the wedding…

Whatever. That was their business.

Cordy returned to her room after dinner, and she had just gotten into bed to sleep when Zoe called.

“Cordy, did you know that John is going to marry Wendy?!”

“I know,” Cordy replied nonchalantly.

“It’s on the eighteenth of next month. Just twenty-five days from now,” Zoe said.


“And… you’re not interested?”

“Should I be?” Cordy asked in return, amused.

If John believed his decision to be right, then it must be—she would not give it any comment.

“I’m getting married too,” Zoe suddenly added quietly.

“What?!” Cordy was clearly agitated this time.

“What’s with that reaction? Aren’t you my bestie? You don’t want me to get married?” Zoe snapped a
little grumpily.

“I mean, I thought you already married Jay… And you’re doing it again?”

“We never had a ceremony,” Zoe said, speechless. “It feels like our marriage is not legitimate because
of that.”

“Oh, so you mean it’s just for the ceremony?”

“Yeah,” Zoe nodded, before adding gingerly, “There’s something else you should know. Please don’t
get upset.”

“What is it?” Cordy asked, mystified.

“My wedding with Jay is on the same day and venue as John’s,” Zoe said very quietly.

Cordy blinked, but she had to admit that she actually felt a little upset.

Zoe seemed to notice Cordy’s mood and quickly explained, “I was going to say no! I mean, who would
want to get married on the same day as Wendy?! But Jay insisted, and Nancy was adamant.”

Cordy remained calm, since she had a rather high tolerance for many things and was absolutely not
one who got emotional.

Still, she asked, “Wait, did you make up with Nancy?”

“I don’t know if it counts, but I guess things are less hostile now?” Zoe replied. “Jay and I actually had
dinner in Levine Manor a few times now. I’m not sure if John intervened or something, but whatever the
case may be, Nancy is neutral toward us now. That’s just fine for me—keeping things casual is just
right, instead of making things awkward for one another by getting obsessed.”

“Yeah,” Cordy replied.

She had already expected John to mend the strained relationship in the Levine family once he
returned, since the family always valued kinship.

They would have put their unpleasant past behind eventually.

“Jay might seem cold toward Nancy, but that’s probably because he wants to side with me,” Zoe
explained to Cordy just then. “But I could feel that he actually respects her in the bottom of his heart,
especially since she’s the head of the family now—even John would defer to her to some extent. I
didn’t want to make things hard for Jay either, so we agreed to the joint wedding.”

“It’s good, I guess,” Cordy commented. “It saves time and effort.”

“In that case, would you like to be my bridesmaid?” Zoe asked.

“Of course.” Cordy agreed to it right away.

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