Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1212

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“Then that makes you and Quinn!” Zoe exclaimed excitedly. “Are you free tomorrow? I’m trying out my
bridal gown, and we can try your bridesmaid dress as well.”


“See you tomorrow, then.”


Cordy heaved a long sigh after she hung up.

Things were moving a little quicker than she expected!

The next day, Cordy headed to the bridal boutique Zoe told her about, though she was slightly late
since she had to make arrangements at work before hurrying over.

It was only there when she realized that aside from Jay and Zoe, John and Wendy were there too.

Zoe had just put on her bridal gown, and it shone with crystalline radiance beneath the chandeliers
overhead, sparkling like a dream.

Zoe was bewitched by herself, admiring her reflection in the mirror even while praising herself. “My
goodness, is that really me?! I’m so beautiful! When did your tastes improve so much, Jay? Did you
really order this tailor-made?”

Everyone laughed in amusement, just as Zoe spotted Cordy from the mirror. “Hey, Cordy! You made it!”

Cordy smiled faintly as she walked up to Zoe, while the others turned and saw her too.

She did not look at them in turn and instead made a beeline for Zoe. “Jay definitely has good tastes.”

“You think so too?” Zoe was so thrilled she could not stop smiling. “I thought he wouldn’t make a real
effort since he arranged for a joint wedding with John. I’m actually surprised.”

Jay was left speechless by Zoe candidness—he certainly would not be half-hearted about something
like this, since he was preparing for their wedding from the start.

In fact, he traveled abroad to personally order Zoe’s bridal gown. Why else would he have gone on so
many business trips lately?

Naturally, he did not tell Zoe, since it was what he should do.

As long as she was happy about it, nothing else mattered.

A staff member approached Wendy just then. “Ms. Crane? You can try your bridal gown now.”

Wendy nodded and flashed a sweet smile at John. “I’ll try out the dress now.”

“Okay. I’ll wait for you outside,” John said mildly.

Cordy did want to look at them, but there were huge mirrors on every corner of the
room, and she would catch their reflection no matter where she looked.

And she certainly could see the infinite tenderness in John’s eyes as he looked at Wendy.

After Wendy left, another staff member led John away to get changed as well.

Cordy stayed with Zoe, admiring her bridal gown with her.

Zoe’s delight was all too clear, and her emotions were as infectious as ever.

Cordy could even sense Jay could barely hide a smile as he stayed in his corner.

“You should go try your bridesmaid dress,” Zoe suddenly remembered just then. “Quinn can’t make it
since she’s in court for a case, and your figure is similar to hers. It’d fit her if it fits you.”

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