Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1213

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Cordy went to the changing room.

The ladies’ changing area was basically shared, with just zipper curtains separating them.

That was why Cordy could hear Wendy from behind the curtains.

“No, I’m trying out my bridal dress right now. I don’t have time to go drinking,” Wendy was saying.

“You won’t have the chance soon if you don’t hang out with us now. You’re getting married soon!” Her
friend goaded her.

“That’s true, but maybe not now. John’s waiting for me.” Wendy seemed to be in a dilemma.

“And he’ll always be waiting for you—what’s a couple hours in comparison?” Her friend kept goading
her anyway. “Think about it. You’ve been constantly hanging out with us, but he never said a word! And
you won’t feel anything if you play around now, but you probably won’t dare to even leave the house
once you’re actually married. Just get over here already—we just chanced upon some college boys,
and they’re going back to campus tomorrow.”

“Honestly, you girls…” Wendy sighed feebly, but the eagerness in her tone was too obvious.

She was not stepping out after Cordy finished changing, though a bridal gown was probably more

Cordy was also convinced that Wendy would not leave immediately either—no matter how playful she
was, she should at least understand time and place.

“Wow!” Zoe could not help exclaiming when Cordy left the changing room. “You’re so beautiful, Cordy!
It’s a simple bridesmaid dress, but you look so good in it!”

It was not actually that simple—one could actually see an effort made in picking it.

Cordy thought then that Zoe was really lucky to have such a good man like Jay in her life.

“By the way, isn’t Wendy taking too long?” Zoe asked, puzzled after admiring Cordy’s dress for a long
while. “Is her bridal gown that difficult to put on? And no playing favorites, John—don’t you dare
embarrass me in our joint wedding.”

John had changed into a black tuxedo and completely ignored Zoe.

Zoe naturally would not humiliate herself, and she turned to discuss with Cordy about their dresses.

Her eyes were narrowing so much from smiling. It was obvious she loved her bridal gown to bits.

“Jay, aren’t you going to get changed?” Zoe finally remembered her dear husband amid the excitement.

“Spare me.” Jay refused. “You’re the main event.”

“Even John got changed already.”

“It’s fine…”

“You think it’s a hassle, don’t you?” Zoe’s face fell right then.


“You definitely think so,” Zoe said assuredly. “Jay, is our wedding just a gesture to meet the Levines’
demands? You’re not willing to give me a proper ceremony, are you?”

“Fine, I’ll get changed.” Jay sighed—he was always helpless when it came to Zoe.

She smiled smugly in turn. “I wouldn’t have to waste my breath if you listened early on.”

While Jay wheeled himself to the changing room, Cordy gave Zoe a nudge and whispered into her ear,
“You have to help him.”

Zoe finally realized that and hurried to Jay’s changing room, while Cordy looked on with a begrudging

Zoe was as always too carefree for her own good.

It was obvious that Jay did not want to get changed because it was inconvenient given his physical
condition, and any other husband would be suffering from a stroke with Zoe’s negligent attitude.

After Zoe and Jay left, it was just John and Cordy left in the spacious room.

They were both dead silent, while Cordy mused to herself if she should change out of her bridesmaid

She had already tried it and sent a photo to Quinn, so she did not have to keep it on.

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