Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1214

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Even as the thought crossed Cordy’s mind, Wendy stepped out of the changing room.

However, she was still in her casual dress from before and not wearing her bridal gown.

Cordy could immediately tell what Wendy was up to with a single look, but she held her tongue while
John asked, “What’s wrong? Doesn’t the dress fit?

“No,” Wendy replied a little anxiously. “Something urgent came up, so I have to go right now. I took off
the bridal gown halfway.” “What happened?” “My friend got into a traffic accident. I need to get to the
hospital right now.

Cordy was blue with shock-that was such an outrageous lie!

“How is she doing?” John quickly asked in concern.

‘I don’t know, she didn’t say. I need to find out at the hospital.”

I’ll take you there.” “No, it’s alright.” Wendy refused right away. “You can decide on the bridal gown-l
don’t know when I can make it back. I’ll love anything you decide on anyway.

Before John could say more, Wendy quickly left. “I’m going now, Johnny. I’ll call you later.”

And with that, she was gone, leaving John behind.

John watched as she left, disappointment clearly showing in his eyes.

Zoe and Jay stepped out of the changing room just then, with Jay having put on a white tuxedo.

They were a picturesque sight and very easy on the eyes, and Jay’s noble presence was hardly
dampened despite being seated on a wheelchair.

“Wait, why is Wendy leaving?” Zoe asked, staring as Wendy headed to the distance. “I was just looking
forward to seeing if she looked good in hers. John here personally stayed abroad for a week, keeping a
close eye on the tailors as they made her dress!” “Her friend met with an accident. She’s heading to the
hospital right now,” John explained.

“Now of all times…” Zoe grumbled, clearly upset.

John did not say anything in turn.

“So? The gown isn’t going to try itself,” Zoe said.

John simply sighed.

“How about…” Zoe suddenly exclaimed as inspiration struck. “Cordy try it?” “Nope.” Cordy refused right

“But we’re supposed to try on all the dresses today!” Zoe exclaimed in agitation. “Just do it. See if it
looks good on you!” “Only the bride should try on the bridal gown. It might jinx things if someone else
does.” “But you won’t mind right, John?” Zoe asked, turning toward him.

As John pursed his lips, Zoe kept goading him. “Don’t you at least want to see what it looks like when

Before Cordy spoke, John said sincerely, “If you don’t mind, Cordy…”

Cordy was taken aback.

Most people would mind, would they not?!

She pointed out, “Wendy would probably be unhappy if someone else were to put on her bridal
gown…” “No, she wouldn’t,” John said confidently. “She’s never petty, and if we don’t try it out today,
we won’t have time for adjustments. So please try it out.” “But my body measurements are different.
And the look-“

Zoe did not wait for Cordy’s approval at all and dragged Cordy toward the changing room right then,
saying, “Oh, stop saying no, Cordy. Just try it out and see how it feels overall first! Measurements and
the rest can wait.

Now get going—I’ll help too!”

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