Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1215

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After Cordy dragged Zoe into the changing room, she had to change into Wendy's bridal gown as Zoe
wrestled her with brute strength.

Then, before she had time to check her reflection, Zoe dragged her outside, showing everyone that
noble, elegant pure-white dress to everyone.

John and Jay were chatting, and they were both transfixed from a single glance.

Naturally, the staff's reaction was even more exaggerated.

"Oh my goodness, you look so beautiful! That has to be the most beautiful bridal gown I've ever seen in
my life.It sparkles just like the stars up above—it's just so dazzling!"

"No, no, no—it's not just the gown.The bride is so beautiful they are a perfect match.It's not surprising
since it's tailored ..It's just different from your usual bridal gowns.It's just simply different.The elegance
is a sight to behold!"

Their unrestrainedness left Cordy embarrassed, but she had to admit that John's tastes were
incredible.She was not feeling particularly confident when she looked at herself in the mirror, but a brisk
glance was enough for the dress to dazzle her.She could not describe it in detail either, since every
inch was elaborately tailored.

The only words that came to mind were the cliched ones: dazzling, grand, elegant, exquisite, and the

Either way, it was simply beautiful, and no one could take their eyes off it.

Starting to get a little self-conscious, she grumbled, "I'm done.I'm taking it off now."

"Hold it.I haven't seen enough!"

Zoe quickly stopped her.

"It looks so good we have to take a few more photos here."

"Zoe," Cordy complained disapprovingly.

"Just photos, okay?" Zoe asked with a wounded look.

"It's just so good.At least let me take a photo with you for posterity."

Unable to argue, Cordy gave in.However, it was not just one photo—after Zoe had Jay take photos of
them, she took selfies with Cordy as well.

Either way, it took them most of the day, until Zoe beckoned at John and Jay.

"Come on.Let's take another, all four of us."

Before Cordy could protest, both men were already beside them, on their feet.

The staff helped them take the photos with professional cameras, and did it so quickly Cordy could not
react in time at all.

All she heard was the sound of shutters snapping repeatedly when she finally had enough and
declared resolutely, "I'm getting changed."

"I'm coming with," Zoe quickly followed, sensing her foul mood.

John simply watched as Cordy stormed off.

In the changing room, Zoe put on a fawning smile as she asked, "Are you upset, Cordy?"


"I know you are—that's the exact same face you make whenever you get upset," Zoe said, watching
her dolefully.

"You don't throw a fit or give people the stink-eye, but it's scary anyway." Cordy pursed her lips.

"You know things are awkward between me and John, but you went through with it.It's difficult for me,

"I just think you look good in that bridal gown."

"It still isn’t mine," Cordy huffed slowly and clearly.

"That might not be certain..."

Cordy gave Zoe a look, and she promptly stopped herself.

"I mean, John doesn't mind, so you don't have to.You're just trying it out, and you happened to look
good in it—you really don't have to worry so much about it."

Cordy sighed feebly in turn.

Zoe was always that carefree, never thinking much and always doing what comes to mind.

"I'm not angry, but it still feels uncomfortable," she said."Anyway, I've already tried on my bridesmaid
dress, so I'm not needed for anything else, right? I'm going to get changed, and I'll be gone."


Zoe naturally would not push her further, worried that Cordy would really get angry at her.

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