Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1221

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Nonetheless, Zoe was determined. “I don’t care. I’m not going to open the door just like that.”

Bob sighed feebly. “Well, what can we do to convince you, ma’am?”

“Tell Jay to sweet-talk me,” Zoe said. “And make sure it pleases me.”

Bob called out loudly right then, “You heard your bride, Jay. She wants you to sweet-talk her.”

Everyone laughed in amusement-joy was never lacking wherever Zoe was.

However, silence followed the laughter, and everyone seemed to be waiting for Jay to say something.
They were amused just a moment before, and now actually expectant-they all knew that Jay was not
good with words, despite being a film director. In private, he did not speak much.

And now, he was supposed to declare his love for Zoe in front of so many… the bride truly knew how to
mess with her groom.

After a long, deafening silence, however, Jay still did not say a word.

Zoe, who had been a little smug at first, started to panic a little.

She called out loudly, “Jay? Why don’t you say something?”

The people outside were urging him too.

’Say something, Jay. Don’t delay your own wedding now.”

‘Hurry up, Jay! Your bride is waiting!”

“Come on, don’t be shy. Just pretend we don’t exist-say whatever you want, no matter how
cringeworthy it is…”

Even as things became lively with loud words and laughter outside, Zoe was left biting her lip, looking a
little wounded.

She only told Jay to sweet-talk her, but he was refusing to speak at all?!

She only got increasingly aggrieved the more she thought about it, and her eyes turned red.

Cordy naturally noticed Zoe’s reaction right away and promptly assured her, “Calm down, Zoe. Jay
never was outgoing, and you have to give him time if you’re asking him to say things like that in front of
so many others.’

‘But… But…” Zoe still felt aggrieved because it was their wedding day!

No matter how embarrassed Jay was, he could at least say ‘I love you’, no?!

She could open the door even for that much!

She bit her lip, looking unhappy while silence ensued outside for a while.

Zoe’s eyes were welling with tears, while everyone else was getting impatient too.

Voices encouraging Jay could soon be heard outside-most of them had believed this to be a small
interlude, only for things to get so awkward.

‘Jay? Aren’t you going to talk?” Zoe eventually could not stop herself from asking loudly.

Jay still did not respond.

“It’s alright if you don’t,” Zoe said then. ‘We’re a done deal anyway, having gotten married and having a
child together. Even the wedding is just going through the motions…”

The more she spoke, the more miserable she felt.

Her relationship with Jay had been troubled over the years. Even now, when she was convinced all
their tribulations were past them, she somehow had to suffer on their wedding day…

She felt like this day would traumatize her permanently.

And yet, when she gritted her teeth and reached for the door…

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