Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1220

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Cordy headed to Zoe’s home before six in the morning on the day of the wedding, though Zoe had just
gotten out of bed and was barely awake.

Seeing Cordy and Quinn arrive, she mumbled feebly,”

Getting married is… taxing.”

“And you were looking forward to it so much,” Quinn teased.

‘No way. Jay insisted-l had no say in it.”

“Stop bragging,” Quinn snapped.

Zoe stuck her tongue at Quinn and smiled.

Despite her complaint, Zoe had to admit that she felt great.

With that, all three of them started to put on their makeup on the makeshift dressing table, and it
certainly took them a while-especially Cordy, who was not done even after Zoe’s complicated bridal
makeup was complete.

Were they trying to make her the belle of the ball?

Her ego actually felt a little hurt for the first time ever, since she always thought of herself as a natural
beauty who did not need much makeup.

After a long while, she asked, “Wait, there’s still more?!”

“Sorry, Ms. Sachs, but I guess I’m a little lacking in skill and taking too much time,” the makeup artist
said apologetically. “But don’t worry, I’ll make sure that you’re gorgeous!”

Cordy was skeptical, since the makeup artist’s skill was not lacking at all.

Still, she did not dwell on it. “It’s alright-something simple will do. I’m not the bride, let alone the main

“That won’t do,” Zoe suddenly snapped, and she told the makeup artist, “Ignore that woman. Make her
as beautiful as you can.”

Then, turning to Cordy, she added sternly, “Do you think I’m afraid that you’d steal the spotlight from
me? I wouldn’t have asked you to come if I was-and you’re going to steal the spotlight anyway.”

Cordy stopped arguing about that, although she felt like they were wasting a lot of time.

After a long while, her makeup was finally done, though she genuinely thought it was too elaborate.

And she actually took exception, even if Zoe did not-it felt like she was trying to usurp Zoe as the main

Zoe was generous with her praise nonetheless.

“Wow! You look gorgeous, Cordy!”

Cordy smiled feebly.

Only a person as down-to-earth as Zoe would not take exception at all.

Just then, there was some commotion outside, and someone announced loudly, “The bridegroom has
arrived!” Before anyone inside could react, Zoe had already ran up to hold the door shut and beckoned

Cordy and Quinn, “Hurry over here! Hold the door-don’t let Jay get his way so easy. Make him
understand that it’s no easy feat to marry me.”

Both women grinned in amusement-did Zoe forget that this was her wedding?!

Still, they quickly went up to hold the door without delay.

Soon, they heard a knock on the door. “Open up! The bridegroom has arrived!”

It was Bob, and Cordy turned in surprise toward Zoe.

Cordy was a little surprised at first, though she soon relaxed -after all, stranger things had happened to
Zoe, and she was used to it by now.

Just then, Zoe yelled loudly, “Open the door? Just because you asked?”

She was certainly having more fun than anyone else.

“Well, what would it take for you to open the door, Miss Bride?” Bob asked.

“At least go through 81 tasks!”

“81 tasks? Is the bridegroom getting married or getting enslaved here, ma’am?!”

Everyone outside and behind the door laughed at Bob’s joke.

Cordy was certainly impressed by Zoe then, that she could resolve all her relationships with such flair.

She was certainly convinced that she and John would never be able to do what Zoe and Bob did.

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