Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1225

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Zoe was talking endlessly in the limousine, her joy as the bride barely concealed.

Cordy actually thought Zoe could brag about Jay’s bold declaration of love and kiss for the rest of her

They soon arrived at the golf club where the weddings would be held.

Since there were two weddings, most hotels did not have large enough halls to cater for it, so they
chose to hold it at North City’s most luxurious golf club.

As soon as they alighted, journalists who were waiting at the entrance mobbed-it was the wedding of a
star actress and a famous director, so most of North City’s press was mobilized.

Jay led Zoe out of the car first-they needed to give some feedback to the fans as public figures, and it
was a principle of Zoe’s.

Moreover, journalists were not allowed inside their wedding venue, just as filming was prohibited, so
they could only do an interview outside.

Even so, the journalists were very excited.

“Jay, I heard you had Zoe’s dress tailored made from abroad?”

“Jay, it’s basically a done deal before your wedding. Doesn’t it dampen your expectations?”

“Rumor has it that John Levine is having his wedding here too. Can you confirm?”

“John Levine did not announce his bride. Could it really be Cordy Sachs?”

It was pandemonium, with Zoe and Jay hardly able to hear anyone clearly as they were all speaking at

Concerned that it would delay their wedding, Jay spoke loudly, “Please, settle down. We will answer
your questions one by one-we can’t even hear anyone, let alone answer everything all at once.’

Then, pausing for a moment to take out a sheet of paper, he added, “And before you ask, I’ve prepared
a press release.”

Zoe gaped at him, surprised that he came prepared.

Jay flashed a tender smile at her and started reading the script. “First of all, thank you for taking time
from your busy schedules to witness my wedding with Zoe. Apologies that we could not let everyone in
since we have many friends who aren’t involved in showbiz, but as a token of appreciation for your
traveling all the way here, we’ve prepared appropriate gifts for your arrival.”

The journalists applauded Jay resoundingly right after they spoke-it was certainly pleasant to hear that
they would be rewarded.

“Also, I am at once thrilled and looking forward to this wedding. Even if Zoe and I did register our
marriage, it is my opinion that a marriage is incomplete without a wedding-every lady deserves one,
and Zoe even more so. I’ve certainly prepared considerably for this one, in hopes that I can give her a
beautiful, unforgettable wedding.”

With those words, he turned to gaze upon Zoe lovingly, and the journalists promptly captured photos of
the moment-the sentiment between them was certainly palpable.

“Last but not least, I’m sure everyone has questions about John Levine’s wedding. All I can say is that
John has his own considerations, and if he refuses to reveal his bride, we should respect that. There

isn’t much else about it I can say either, and I therefore ask for your understanding.”

With his speech finished, he nodded deeply to show his respect for the press.

Since he had already said that much, it would be tactless of them to press him further-they certainly
should not make things awkward for everyone on his big day.

After the journalists turned silent and stared at each other for a while, one of them said,
“Congratulations, Jay and Zoe. We wish you a happy marriage, ■

More journalists echoed, offering their blessings and asking no more questions.

Both Jay and Zoe offered their earnest thanks and returned into their limousine

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