Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1222

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“Zoe…” Jay suddenly spoke outside.

Zoe’s heart skipped a beat.

Even though they had been together for a while now, her heart would still race when he said her name
so tenderly.

“I’m very nervous now,” he said. “I’m even more tense and excited than when I was giving my
acceptance speech for being awarded the best director.”

Zoe’s heart kept racing, with her feeling ever so slightly guilty and wondering if she had really put Jay in
an awkward position.

“I didn’t want to drag things out-l’m worried I’d delay our wedding too, and heaven knows how long I’ve
been waiting for this moment.”

As Jay spoke quietly outside, it was obvious he was working very hard to keep his own voice calm.
“I’ve been planning this wedding for so long and was looking forward to this ever since we had our
marriage registered. I wanted to give you an unforgettable wedding, and not just to do it while Johnny
was having his. I prepared this with all my heart.”

Zoe nodded silently-she certainly knew, because she was not as free spirited or ignorant as everyone
would believe. While Jay had been away from home lately-even getting sneaky-she knew he was busy
with their wedding.

“You wanted me to sweet-talk you, and I suppose you want me to say some mushy stuff?” Jay asked
Zoe then.

Before she could respond, however, he continued, “I’m not really good with that. I’ve directed plenty of
romantic dramas and TV series, but I’m really bad at it-l have no idea what I should say to please you.”

Zoe decided then that she loved that man and everything about it.

It was just a slight pity, but it was pointless-she knew that he loved her too, and that was enough.

“Well, I’ll say it anyway,” Jay said then.


‘Zoe, I fell for you the first time I saw you in Levine Manor. I was too young to understand love back
then, but I just found you adorable, offering me warmth like a little sun-“

However, Jay suddenly paused, before quietly saying, “Wait, I’ve already said that at the press
conference when we were explaining the circumstances of our relationship.”

Zoe was left speechless-she was just starting to get excited, only for Jay to take an almighty U-turn?!

He was a comedian too, huh?!

Everyone actually laughed when Jay suddenly stopped himself.

For Jay’s part, he seemed to take a moment to compose himself before saying, “What I want to say is
that I’ve loved you for years-for as long as I remember. You’re my everything, and I would be alone for
life if not for you.”

Zoe would never believe anyone telling her that.

But she would… if it was Jay.

That was how since they were thought to be related, and he really would have stayed celibate for her
for life.

He would even refrain from telling her that all, quietly blessing her with happiness even if she left him to
pursue her own happiness.

She remembered the years they missed out on each other-the years of pain Jay had to endure-and
wondered how she could have doubted Jay’s feelings for her, let alone get upset over just now.

She did not hesitate to open the door right then, just as Jay said tenderly, “I love you, Zoe. You’re the
only one for me!”

Zoe was left staring at Jay, who was carrying Yelena, dressed in a pink dress and holding a bouquet of
roses, in his arms

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