Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1226

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The limousine drove straight into the golf club.

Neither Cordy and Quinn got out of the car at all. Still, they were really impressed with Jay and Zoe’s
acumen for public relations, fending off the journalists in just ten minutes when they thought it would
take them at least half an hour.

Once the limousine parked outside their wedding hall, Jay headed inside first to greet the guests.

Cordy, Quinn, and Yelena went with Zoe to the anteroom as she changed into her second wedding

Since Zoe was the only one who changed, Cordy and Quinn waited and played with Yelena.

“Quinn…” Cordy called out to her just then.

’Yeah?” Quinn replied, busy playing with Yelena.

It was obvious that she loved Yelena and that she wanted a kid.

Cordy liked Yelena too, but she was not as interested as having children like Quinn.

“Are things still the same with Sam?” Cordy asked.

Quinn paused for a moment, but soon answered. “Yeah.”

It was simply difficult for them to open up to each other.

“Sam has left prison for a while now, but you still can’t come to an understanding?”

“Yeah,” Quinn replied, a look of desolation showing in her eyes.

“Who’s the problem here? You or him?”

“Him, I think,” Quinn replied. “He doesn’t trust me. He mentioned a divorce again just days ago.”

Cordy frowned, while Quinn continued, I refused. I moved back to Saunders Mansion to avoid him too.”

“Why would he ask for a divorce out of the blue?”

“Perhaps he’s sick of me. There’s a world of ladies out there waiting there…”

“Maybe he’s convinced you don’t love him?”

Quinn did not argue.

After all, she had no idea how she felt toward Sam—only that she just wanted to be with him, perhaps
for the rest of their lives.

“Or do you not think you love him enough?” Cordy sighed, noticing the look on Quinn’s face.

“Oh, stop talking about me, Cordy-you’d sour the mood. Let’s talk about something happier since it’s
Zoe’s wedding,” Quinn said, suddenly becoming serious as she added, “For example, how much is Zoe
paying us as bridesmaids?”

“A lot, naturally,” Zoe said.

She was just done changing into her second wedding dress, which was the one she tried on before and
took wedding photos with.

“Tut, tut. Jay is such a lucky man, getting such a gorgeous bride to warm his bed,” Quinn teased.

“I feel the same way too.” Zoe smiled evilly.

“Me too,” Yelena suddenly said loudly.

Everyone laughed in amusement at the child’s innocent words.

Yelena was mystified. “I’m not lucky?”

“Of course you are,” Cordy scooped her up in her arms and gave her a peck on the cheek. “You’re
going to be the luckiest child on earth.”

After all, her parents loved each other

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