Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1227

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There was much cheer in the anteroom, when Quinn suddenly remembered something and asked, “I
wonder how things are going with John’s wedding.

While Cordy pursed her lips, Zoe remained cheerful and said nonchalantly, ’ Who cares? He’s not
marrying a woman I like, so he can do whatever he wants.”

Quinn chuckled. “Well, I’m just a little curious. There’s nothing on John in the news at all —it’s all you
and Jay topping trending searches.”

“Of course,” Zoe said smugly. “A star director and a star actress-now that’s a real power couple.
Everyone’s going to be as jealous as they are envious.”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re the best,” Quinn replied.

Zoe could not care less-she was the main event and the happiest person there was.

They continued chatting and laughing for a while until a staff member entered. “Ms. York? You may
enter the wedding hall now.”

Zoe became visibly agitated. “What should I do? I’m getting a little nervous r»

“Aren’t you a star actress who’s used to red carpet events? Are you going to let a little wedding get you
down?” Quinn teased.

“That’s different. I fake it for red carpet events, but this is my wedding!” Zoe exclaimed with thrill. “I can’t
help getting excited, knowing that I’m going on stage with my beloved…”

“Whatever. Get a move on already, or you’d be delaying it,” Quinn urged.

Zoe pouted-Quinn must be jealous of her being caught in bliss, and she lifted her skirt to stride out.

Yelena was already brought to the aisle since she was the flower girl, and she had to prepare.

Cordy and Quinn followed Zoe to the wedding hall, entering the miniature castle arch placed opposite
the stage. Curtains formed the ramparts on both sides, hiding them and keeping things mysterious.

There was another arch beside theirs, probably prepared for John’s bride- it was some distance away,
so Cordy could not see if the bride had arrived yet.

Zoe’s eyes were certainly sharp. “Where are you looking, Cordy?”

Cordy quickly turned away-despite Cordy’s usual carefree nature, her eyes were sometimes
frighteningly keen.

“Just a little curious,” Cordy said hastily. “Quinn just said that John’s wedding is due to start soon, but
his bride is nowhere to be seen. It’s also weird that there’s no news coverage on his wedding at all.”

“What’s weird about it? He’s always been so discreet,” Zoe flatly replied, seemingly disagreeing. “Never
liked being discreet. I want nothing less

than for the whole world to know I’m marrying Jay.”

Cordy smiled quietly, while Quinn retorted.

Despite all that, Quinn had to admit that Zoe’s earnestness made her a good friend, and Cordy
considered her and Quinn her closest people.

Just then, the emcee started speaking on stage.

Zoe’s heart skipped a beat, and she started to get nervous again, asking, ’ Oh my gosh, it’s starting…
I’m so nervous! What should I do?!”

Neither Cordy nor Quinn answered.

Nervous? Zoe obviously could not wait to throw herself into Jay’s arms instead!

Just then, the emcee announced enthusiastically, “Now, let’s hear it as our handsome grooms take the

The whole hall thundered with applause as John wheeled Jay up the stage and assumed their

“Music!” the emcee exclaimed excitedly, ‘And now, for our two beautiful brides to walk down the aisle!”

And with those words…

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