Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1230

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While Zoe wondered if she had raised an ingrate, the emcee teased, “Let’s give our flower girl another
round of applause, to thank her for bringing us such joy.”

The hall was certainly resounding with laughter, and it seemed to have been the case since the start.

“And now, let’s move on to the exchanging of rings,” the emcee announced.

Naturally, the wedding rings were matching and made in accordance to specific details.

Jay took off the engagement ring on Zoe’s middle finger and carefully slipped on the wedding ring on
her ring finger. It was not entirely elegant, but Zoe found it beautiful anyway, since Jay had flown
abroad just to have it designed according to his intention.

She was so obviously engrossed staring at it and could not draw herself out that the emcee prompted
her, “And now, the bride may help the groom put his on.”

Zoe realized with a start, and the hall rang with laughter again as it was a rather funny reaction.

She picked up Jay’s ring and put it on his ring finger, feeling that the gesture was too emotional just

In fact, just looking at the matching rings on their fingers made her want to cry a little.

’I now pronounce you husband and wife!” the priest announced, and the wedding reached a climax with
the soaring riffs of the music.

“Now…” The emcee deliberately trailed off, “You may kiss the bride!”

The hall rang with deafening applause, while Zoe and Jay looked at each other.

Jay was on a wheelchair, and he shifted, clearly intending to stand up.

A staff member quickly brought his cane, but just as he took it, Zoe was already in his arms, wrapping
her arms around his and planting a huge kiss on his lips.

Everyone was stunned by the bride’s move.

After all, what bride took the lead?

Naturally, it could not be denied that they were a picture of bliss.

Still, Zoe soon pulled away, saying, “I shouldn’t kiss you for too long or I’d get addicted.”

Everyone laughed again.

Even the emcee had a hard time moving things on, and so simply proceeded to the next event, “And
now, for the groom’s speech. If you’d please, Jay.

Jay stood up then, leaning on his cane-a sign of his respect for his guests.

“Thank you everyone for attending my wedding. I’m thrilled… and I’ve never been this thrilled, even
when I received the award as best director. I hence ask for your understanding should my hospitality
prove lacking.”

Everyone applauded right then, to tell him that his hospitality was not lacking and they did not take

“Right now, I don’t know what I should say to express how I feel toward Zoe … but I can swear before
everyone, that I, Jay Parker, will only love Zoe York in this life, and I’ll break my right leg myself should I
ever be found guilty of duplicity!”

His left leg was lame, and the crowd applauded thunderously again.

“Thank you for your speech,” the emcee said, moving things on. “And now, for the bride’s speech. Let’s
give her a round of applause!”

Zoe took the microphone and looked at the many guests beneath the stage who were attending her

“I was not supposed to give a speech since our time is limited, and we might delay John’s wedding.
However, I’m also worried that I won’t have the courage to say this after today.

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