Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1233

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Zoe concluded, “That is why I’m grateful for you raising me, for giving me so much love so that I could
survive any tribulations that may come and continue forward with determination. Much has happened
between us, and though I know you still hate me, I’ll still say to you: thank you.”

And with that, she bowed.

Nancy pursed her lips, apparently not reacting.

However, anyone close enough could see that her eyes were glimmering with tears, and she was
holding them back.

She never expected Zoe to still be grateful toward her now. After all the ruthless torment she put Zoe
through, she thought Zoe would hate her back.

She suddenly remembered Zoe as a child again.

While not knowing who she really was, Zoe had been so adorable, and she always doted on Zoe-

Nancy turned away so that she did not hold Zoe’s gaze.

Zoe watched her cold reaction, feeling slightly disappointed.

Nancy was a proud woman, and there was no way she could let go of such a grudge.

She had certainly been taken for a fool, and given her ego, she would remember that for life.

Zoe took a deep breath-she would only say what she wanted to say.

And with that, she would be believed.

“From now on, I’ll no longer hold a grudge,” she said bluntly. “You can keep hating me if you do-l would
not hold on to grievances of the past. I’ll greet you and speak to you on my own accord, so just bear
with it if you don’t like it. I’ll just pretend I don’t notice your bad temper.”


Bob chuckled again.

“Bob Davis, could you be more serious?” Zoe snapped angrily, wondering if the man was just there to
mess around. “I know you love me, but don’t sabotage my wedding out in the open like this.”

She had been a little emotional before, only for Bob to ruin everything again -was he a comedian?!

’Look, I didn’t want to laugh, but you’re a real joke,” Bob could not help saying. “Forget it, I won’t laugh
again-go on, don’t stop me from our luncheon. Most importantly, Johnny is waiting for you to finish.
Don’t delay the man’s wedding now.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll cut it short!” Zoe snapped angrily and turned toward the emcee. “I’m done. You can
announce that my wedding ceremony is over now.”

The emcee spaced out for a moment before coming to his senses.

He almost forgot he was supposed to preside over the ceremony, since he was busy enjoying the

After all, the bride had really been putting on a show.

Still, the emcee quickly regained his professionalism. “Thank you for your stirring speech. Everyone,
let’s give the bride a round of applause!”

Zoe was speechless.

That was a stirring speech?! She felt absolutely embarrassed!

Whatever-she was used to a little embarrassment, and it was no big deal.

‘Since there are two weddings to be had today, let’s allow Jay and Zoe to go offstage for a small break.”

Jay and Zoe got off the stage together and went to their tables.

Somehow, Zoe was even more nervous after she got down, and Jay noticed it. “Are you actually more
worried than you were on stage?”

‘Oh, please. The next wedding is the main event-ours was just the foil.”

Jay was left frowning-the wedding he went through great lengths to prepare… was just the foil?!

Zoe noticed his reaction. “Look, I’m not saying that ours are lacking. I’m happy and emotional, not to
mention that it’s a wondrous feeling to eat the luncheon of my own wedding.”

“Just the luncheon?”

’I’m joking.” Zoe grinned at him. “I love you, Jay Parker.”

Jay did a double take-Zoe changed the subject so quickly!

Before he could react, he felt a softness on his own lips just then

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