Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1232

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Zoe allowed herself to calm down before saying, “And the second person I wanted to thank is…”

‘Your husband!” someone suddenly shouted below stage.

Everyone laughed as Zoe paused, and she could not help laughing too. ’ Can’t wait to start eating, can
you, Bob?!’

Naturally, it was Bob who shouted just now.

He was learning to let go of the past and to bless Zoe.

Everyone laughed at Zoe’s outburst-it was certainly a wedding of tears and laughter.

’Sorry to disappoint you, Bob, but it’s not my husband, and I have plenty to say. The wedding luncheon
would have to wait.”

Bob shrugged, while the other guests chuckled before turning quiet.

Zoe took a deep breath and then said, “The second person I want to thank is Nancy Levine.”

Nancy was naturally present.

There were two weddings today, Jay and John’s-she would never miss it for the world.

And she would be lying to say that she did not take exception to Zoe’s confession to Clara.

She hated Zoe for the longest time, even now-for making her a fool of herself.

Naturally, she was surprised that Zoe would mention her at her own wedding, let alone thank her!

“I understand that my existence hurts you, just as I understand that you hate me even now-but what
can I do? I’d run into you even more now that I married your brother,” Zoe said smugly.

Nancy’s expression darkened-she knew she should not have put her hopes on Zoe at all.

She thought for an instant Zoe would actually remember their past bond as mother and daughter…

Mother and daughter.

Nancy’s heart skipped a beat as she suddenly remembered a time when Zoe was a child.

She would throw herself into her arms, calling her mommy in her tiny, adorable voice…

Nonetheless, Nancy composed herself and stared at Zoe haughtily.

Zoe returned her gaze, and said, “I don’t know how to address you now. Sister, perhaps? Like Jay?”

Someone could not help chuckling at that, and Zoe turned to see that it was Bob again.

That man certainly knew how to kill the mood.

It took her so much to push herself to do this, and he would just pull the rug from under her feet.

‘Go on. Pretend I don’t exist,” Bob quickly said.

Zoe pursed her lips.

Fortunately, it was a basic skill for actors to replicate emotions, and Zoe soon found the right mood
again. “Today, I would like to thank you for raising me.”

Nancy remained silent, still looking icy.

Even so, Zoe continued, “Over the years, I don’t understand a thing-when we were still mother and
daughter, you had truly given me the warmth of family, and I had felt the greatness of motherly love and
even thought I had the best mother in the world! She gave me confidence, courage, and resilience. If it
was not for the love that I had in my heart, I would never have survived all the trauma, and I would
have fallen under pressure!

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