Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1235

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Wendy paused for a few seconds just then, and the guests at the scene all turned in shock toward
John and Cordy.

Cordy was pursing her lips, surprised that Wendy would suddenly mention her.

Nonetheless, Wendy continued, “I know you’ve been good to me and earnestly wanted to be with me,
but I must say that Cordy is a better fit for you. I can also tell that you have feelings for her although
you keep hiding it deliberately. Are you perhaps afraid that she would reject you?”

“Actually, as a fellow woman, I can feel that Cordy loves you too. I don’t know what happened between
you that you deliberately kept your distance, but I earnestly feel that you both deserve each other. I
asked Dicky too, and he admitted that he liked me but he still rather his parents get back together.”

Cordy turned toward Richard, who had been constantly tagging along at John’s side.

His face was still a child’s, but he was over five feet tall and could play the role of John’s best man.

Though dressed smartly in a suit, his lips were tightly pursed, probably keeping his emotions just then.

At the same time, Wendy continued, “Anyway, I won’t be here, John. But I hope you’ll be brave to take
that step and pursue your happiness. After all, the one you love most is right in front of you! Don’t flinch
now. I’ll pray earnestly for your happiness.”

She pumped her fist and exclaimed, “Go for it!”

The video stopped at that.

Either way, that meant John’s wedding would go without a bride since Wendy fled.

The guests were all left debating what happened, especially since most of them did not even know who
John’s bride was.

It was just the letters ‘J’ and ‘W’ on the wedding invitation where the names were supposed to be
written-letters representing John and Wendy.

Those who knew, knew.

And now, those who did not knew as well.

What a shame that the bride was not making it to this wedding that had all everyone’s attention,
perhaps more than a star actress and a star director’s.

And now, it was just a joke.

While the wedding hall was left in raucous chaos, the emcee was at a loss of howto proceed.

The stalemate lasted for around five minutes until John suddenly strode forward.

And once he moved, the hall was suddenly silent-everyone was looking forward to seeing what he
would do!

Would he end it here, or would he do as Wendy suggested, bravely pursuing his true love?

Hence, as everyone looked on, John walked up to Cordy.

She pursed her lips and stared at him in silence.

He was not really going to marry her just because of what Wendy said, was he?!

That would be so… childish!

John probably knew very well that she would not agree to it.

And yet, she could hear John say, “Will you marry me, Cordy?”

Cordy pursed her lips.

‘No’ was on the tip of her tongue, but she could not say it for some reason

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