Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1236

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#Cordy stared at John, watching as tears seemed to well in his eyes.

She was not sure if he was devastated that Wendy suddenly left him at the altar or over something

Suddenly, she realized that she could not think straight, and her emotions were a mess.

For the first time, she had no idea what she wanted to do.

“Wendy’s right, and actually…” John said, gulping. “This wedding was prepared for you.”

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat, surprise showing in her eyes.

She thought Wendy running away from her wedding was expected, since Wendy was too self-indulgent
to let go of the many vices the world had to offer.

She just did not expect John to prepare the wedding for her.

She was skeptical too, because John had no idea what Wendy was really like and therefore would
never anticipate whether Wendy would come to the wedding hall.

As such, Cordy felt a little repulsed.

If John openly admitted to being tricked and asked her to help him save face, she might have agreed to
it-this situation was humiliating, after all.

And in polite society, he would be no different from being dead.

“Wendy and I…” John took a deep breath and continued, “were just putting up an act from the very

Cordy frowned-what act?

“I thought I could get you to take notice of me that way, even sympathize with me, given Wendy’s
private life…”

John trailed off, since he should at least save Wendy some dignity where there were so many others

“I’ve been fantasizing that you would stop my wedding. But even if you did warn me, I could feel that
you did so out of moral obligation and not because of me-you were just that kind.”

John looked into her eyes then, as if struggling to restrain his uncontrollable emotions.

“I prepared a script for Wendy for that video, wanting to use your sympathy so that you’d help me out of
this pickle. I know you might’ve agreed to it, but I don’t want to keep pretending or to lie to you

“Actually, I was hurting everytime I pretended to be dating Wendy because you didn’t seem to care at
all, while I had to force myself to go through the pretext of dating another woman… I don’t want to hurt
my conscience anymore nor continue this act.”

“I love you, Cordy Sachs, and I’ve loved you from the start.”

“This wedding was made for you, which was why I never announced the bride… Even the bridal gown
you wore that day was yours, not Wendy’s,” he said, his voice choking a little with tears. “Will you marry
me, Cordy?”

As he spoke, John went down on one knee, taking out the ring he prepared.

It was made for Cordy’s size.

She stared at it, and then at him, unsure what to do with his sudden proposal.

Although she clearly felt that he had changed and really felt for Wendy, he was telling her now that it
was just an act-to make her care and sympathize.

The wedding hall was silent as everyone waited, with Zoe left absolutely flustered.

Naturally, she knew John prepared this wedding for Cordy-to be precise, she, Jay, and even Richard
knew who the real bride was.

From the start, their plan was to swindle Cordy into saving the day, even if it was a sham marriage.

That was why Zoe had no idea why John would suddenly admit to everything when they were just a
step away from succeeding

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