Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1237

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The endless silence only made everyone anticipate Cordy’s response more.

After all, they could all tell that he was hopelessly in love with Cordy.

Still, there was no telling what she was thinking just then, and she simply stared at John while he
stared back.

They were both silent while Richard stood nearby, staring blankly at them.

He knows that this was his daddy’s last chance-that he would have no more chances if his mommy still
rejected him…

But he really wanted them to get back together, and honestly felt that his daddy loved his mommy

He had no idea how devastated his daddy would be to lose his mommy.

He really did so much for her, going to the extreme lengths of playing pretend lovers with Wendy so
that mommy would marry him…

“rm sorry,’ Cordy suddenly said.

It was a rejection the instant she spoke.

John smiled in relief, but his eyes were tearful.

His heart really ached, but he truly gave in this time.

He knew he had really hurt Cordy too much, that she did not love him anymore.

He was just coercing her, and it was just his wishful thinking…

He rose to his feet, seemingly wobbling for an instant.

He was so tall and burly, but he seemed like he would fall over in an instant.

Zoe felt her heart numbed with pain even as she looked on.

She had never seen John looking that miserable-ever since they were children, she thought he was
some sort of divine being, always haughty and lofty.

He certainly never looked this pitiful.

The only time he seemed to cry was during his parents’ funeral, but it was a very longtime ago.

John was still young at the time, and feeling vulnerable after losing loved ones was only natural.

That was why he should not be looking that vulnerable and letting his agony show so much.

For an instant, Zoe thought John must be feeling the skies crashing down from above, but he still tried
to stay strong because he must not let it show in front of Cordy.

Zoe could not bear to look as her tears started rolling down her cheeks.

It was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, but she felt endlessly reliable nonetheless.

She suddenly had the impulse to just kidnap Cordy and tie her to John’s bed.

However, before she gave in to the impulse of trying to persuade Cordy, Cordy suddenly rose to her

She was staring at John’s towering figure as he walked away, wobbling as if he could fall at an instant.

Then, she spoke crisply and clearly, “I’m sorry, John. I didn’t know that you still loved me.”

Her voice resounded over oily green grass, beneath the bright blue sky.

Everyone was unusually silent, worried that they misheard.

Like John, they thought she rejected him.

And yet, what she said left that uncertain.

Was it a yes or no? Or was it really just an apology and not reconciliation?

John stiffened because he was the most nervous person in the hall. He had hope and expectation, just
as he feared disappointment

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