Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1240

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When Cordy said yes to his proposal, John noticed her glancing behind himself at Richard.

But whatever the case maybe, he was rejoicing that she would say yes and would never ask for more.

In fact, he was a little flustered, unsure as to what he should do to not annoy Cordy.

On the other hand, Cordy noticed the tiny beads of sweat over John’s forehead.

However, the day’s climate was just right, and there was even a breeze- but he was sweating anyway.

Was it perhaps from nerves?

She also noticed that John was reaching for her hand.

She was ready to take it, but John ended up lowering his hands, his entire figure looking very stiff.

Was that nerves too?

Was he more nervous than she was?

Cordy pursed her lips and suddenly reached out to take John’s hand.

John’s whole body flinched visibly.

Below the stage, Zoe giggled —the dauntless John Levine was bristling from Cordy’s touch!

Truly, everything has a weakness, and John was destined to be at Cordy’s mercy.

That thought alone left Zoe feeling cathartic, especially since John had been so conceited when they
were children, as if no one would ever size upto him.

And he deserved to fall completely to Cordy.

As Cordy took John’s hand, she could feel her palm drenched in sweat, spreading a layer of wetness
between their hands.

The emcee could not help teasing, “It seems that the bride is more eager than the groom! Alright, now
let’s have our beautiful bride and our handsome groom take a step forward.”

Everyone laughed at his joke while Cordy was left blushing.

John held on to her hand even tighter then, while the priest moved to stand between them to officiate
the ceremony.

“John Levine, do you take Cordy Sachs as your beloved wife? To love her and cherish her, in sickness
and in health-’

“I do!” John quickly answered.

The emcee could not help chuckling. “Our groom really is impatient.”

Everyone laughed again, while John pursed his lips.

He might usually be calm as a cucumber, but he could not help exposing himself today anyway.

“I will always be with Cordy, and not even death could take me away from her,’ John said resolutely

“Cordy Sachs, do you-”

’I do,” Cordy answered before he could finish too.

The priest could not help joking, “Well now I just feel silly standing here.” Cordy blushed, the pigment
on her cheeks making her appear even more attractive just then.

With that, even the emcee seemed to speak quicker. “Alright. Let’s move on to the exchange of the
rings so that no one gets impatient. Over here, Yelena. Come on—run up and bring their rings.”

Yelena promptly leaped out of Clara’s arms, took the ring box from the staff, and ran onstage as fast as
she could on her little feet.

Cordy’s heart could melt from the mere sight of such adorableness.

“Johnny.” Yelena greeted John just then.

John had dropped to a crouch to take the rings and was left a little dumbstruck by Yelena calling him

Sure, Jay was his uncle, but did Yelena really have to assert herself so much?!

“I wish you and Cordy will be happy forever together and give me another brother like Dicky,” Yelena
continued seriously.

Their family tree seemed to be a real mess just then

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