Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1242

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The emcee cleared his throat just then, interrupting John and Cordy.

They were actually afraid to kiss a moment ago but were now too into it.

The wedding luncheon was going to get cold.

John and Cordy in turn came to their senses and slowly pulled away, their lips flushed in passion, and
Cordy’s were a little swollen upon a closer look.

The emcee chuckled. “Anyway, the bride and bridegroom can pick up where they left off at the bridal
suite. After all, a lot of people are waiting for the luncheon.”

John and Cordy blushed harder, with Cordy wondering how she became lost in it.

She could not help pursing her lips-John’s taste still lingered over them.

“I hereby announce that the two wedding ceremonies have officially concluded, and now it is the photo
session. All guests may come on stage to take photos with the two couples,” the emcee said loudly.

And with those words, many of the guests proceeded on stage, competing to take photos with the two
newlywed couples since they were so easy on the eyes. It was certainly rare for all four of them to be
such marvelous beauties.

After the photo session, the wedding luncheon began—it was a buffet since it was outdoors.

Throughout the luncheon, both couples would move from table to table to drink with the guests, with
Cordy having changed into an appropriate dress.

Naturally, it was tailored to her measurements too.

Zoe walked with her, asking, “Aren’t you surprised, Cordy?”

Staring at her in turn, Cordy asked, “You knew?”

Zoe bit her lip, realizing that she had just dug a hole for herself.

“So you were working with John to help him get me back?” Cordy pressed nonetheless.

“I wanted to do it, but I don’t mean to lie. I mean, if I’d told you, you might’ve completely ignored John,”
Zoe said, wounded. “I sacrificed a lot for you two, y’know. You know how bad I am at keeping secrets-
do you know how hard it was for me to keep everything bottled up?”

Cordy rolled her eyes. ‘Oh, poor you!’

“Well, now I don’t have to hold back. I was so afraid that I would blurt it out and John would hack me
into pieces for it.”

“No, he won’t,” Cordy said assuredly. “You’re his aunt now. He’d never dare do a thing to you.”

“Hey, that’s true!” Zoe exclaimed, her mood improving considerably. She then turned toward John.
“Come on. Call me Aunt Zoe.”

John simply rolled his eyes at her, leaving Zoe speechless.Books Chapters Are Daily Updated Join &
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He was not that impudent when she helped him chase after Cordy!

Since it was two weddings in one, things were constantly lively.

At a certain corner, Bob was wolfing down food since he was famished.

He had gone to Jay to see to his best man duties before sunrise and only just got to eat now.

And he might be called upon for more labor later, and so he kept eating… until a woman’s voice
suddenly called out,” Bob.”

Bob looked out to find Cora standing there.

They had been out of touch ever since Cora spilled the beans on Zoe.

To be precise, he stayed out of touch, not replying to Cora’s text or her calls.

“Long time no see.” She smiled, aware that Bob was resistant toward her.

After all, she had attacked Zoe, the woman Bob loved since he was a kid.

But now, Zoe was married, and that meant Bob had no chance.

Cora therefore could not get jealous or try to hurt Zoe.

In fact, she might even try to accept Zoe, since Zoe would be her aunt now.

If she could do that much, would things go back to the way they were for her and Bob?

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