Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1244

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Quinn explained, “I’m just saying… Let’s go home together after the wedding is over, okay?”

“Well see whether there’s other arrangements,” Sam said, neither agreeing nor disagreeing.

Quinn pursed her lips, while Sam picked up a plate of food and headed for a table nearby.

He remained cold to her.

And here she thought he was concerned when he asked her to eat…

Perhaps it was just mentioned in passing?

She should not have expected too much.

As the newlyweds moved from table to table, Zoe had Bob walk with her.

Naturally, they were now friends again-their past relationship was just a beautiful memory, and they
both let it go.

“I just saw Cora approach you,” Zoe suddenly said.

“Still such a gossiper.”

“Not going to kiss and make up?”

“Can you not poke your nose in my affairs?”

“I’m worried you can’t get over me and stay alone forever,” Zoe said solemnly.

“Don’t give yourself too much credit, Zoe,” Bob said in contempt. “You think I’d still obsess over you
after you’re married? Rich kids like me get all the ladies I need. I just don’t want to stop having fun so
soon-if I want to marry, I can do it anytime.”

Zoe simply listened to him brag, looking utterly skeptical.

“Anyway, just quit meddling with my business,” Bob huffed grumpily. “Just enjoy your life with Jay.”

“I just want to say that Cora is not exactly likable and she gets petty, but it must be said that she really
loves you,” Zoe reasoned. “You’re right for each other, and your parents and hers are happy about it,
so try to reconsider. As a person who’s directly involved, if I can let go of my prejudice against Cora,
why can’t you?”

“I’m not as heartless as you,” Bob snapped in disdain.

“You’re the one who’s heartless,” Zoe snapped back.

And with that, they went into a war with words, while Jay, John, and Cordy continued to greet their

Cordy sighed exasperatedly, concerned that Zoe might have forgotten she was the bride and had to
show the guests some hospitality. “Zoe is still so capricious.”

“Let her be.” Jay smiled tenderly.

He would never tie her down with rules and obligations-as long as she liked it, it was fine.

Cordy nodded, and all three of them continued to move around the tables while Zoe continued to argue
with that best man whom she had history with.

In the end, she said, “Alright, I’ll stop. Let’s see how you’ll cry when you stay alone forever.”

With that, Zoe stormed off, and Bob watched her leave.

He still felt a little bitter inside because he felt he would never forget her.

Naturally, he was happy to see her happy and felt nothing else.

Moreover, he would not start a new relationship when the old one was not really over because it would
be unfair to everyone.

In fact, he had been unfair to Cora when he dated her while holding on to past sentiment, and he did
not want it to go on.

Maybe when the day came and he was really over it, he could reconsider.

Meanwhile, as Zoe returned to Jay’s side, he asked casually, “What have you been talking about with
Bob? That took a while.”

“What, are you jealous?” Zoe grinned.

“Nope, I’m not.”

“You don’t love me anymore!” Zoe exclaimed exaggeratedly.

Jay smiled feebly. “I’ve been jealous for too long. I can’t do it anymore.”

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