Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1246

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After the wedding luncheon, Zoe returned to her bridal suite at the golf course.

They had fully reserved all the guest rooms for both weddings, so that the guests could have some rest
and relaxation there.

Still, while Zoe went straight to bed, Quinn insisted on staying with Cordy to greet the guests.

It felt a little like they both worked for Zoe.

"Quinn, you should take a nap,"

Cordy suddenly told Quinn.She had woken very early in the morning and had drunk a lot just now.She
must want to rest very badly.

"What about you?" Zoe asked.

"I'm fine.I'll get some rest once we're done later."

"Very well." Quinn yawned.

"Call me if something comes up."


With that, Quinn left and headed to the front desk, got the key card for her room, and headed toward it,
feeling muddled.She must admit that she was really dozing off and took off her clothes as soon as she
was inside.It was a nice dress, but it was just so tight she could not wait to take it all off and take a
breather.She got in bed as soon as she was done...only to see the man in bed! She yelped in surprise
—was this room not supposed to be hers alone?! How did it turn out to be a shared room?!

"Quite yapping,"

Sam snapped, not even bothered to look her way.

Naturally, he had woken up very early because he was the co -best man for Jay, and he went there
straight to sleep after eating.He just fell asleep when he heard the door open and saw Quinn
undressing impatiently and crawling into bed naked.He should be the one yelping! Quinn's heart
skipped a beat, but she soon realized it was Sam.

Why him?! Sam's eyes narrowed in turn—who did she think it was going to be?

"What are you doing here?" Quinn asked.

"Can't I be here?"

"No, I mean..."

Quinn was suddenly at a loss for words, since she thought this room was hers alone.

"There's a finite number of rooms for a ton of guests.It's natural for couples to share one," Sean

Quinn realized with a start.

So that was why the front desk receptionist had asked for her name before she took the key card.She
thought it was to register herself, since anyone could stay in any room they liked instead of just the
wedding guests.She did not think that far...Sam blinked just then.

"And you're going to stay like that?"

Quinn came to her senses and remembered that she was naked.She promptly covered her breasts.

"I didn’t know you're here, so..."

"Whatever.I'm sleepy."

Sam snorted and turned his back to her as if he did not care, as if whether she was dressed did not
matter to him.

Or perhaps he was simply not interested in her existence.

Quinn bit her lip.

She was feeling embarrassed at first, but now, she just felt wounded.

Sam was really too cold to her—did she really have no charm going for her at all? She promptly lifted
the blanket right then and slid underneath.

Sam stiffened, certainly able to sense that she was naked.He had never taken Quinn for someone that

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