Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1250

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Cordy seemed to freeze right then, and John quickly let go of her hand-he took her hand as if it was
only natural, and it never crossed his mind to wonder if Cordy liked it.

“I’m sorry, I…”

He paused, since Cordy took his hand on her own and said, “Let’s go.’

John nodded, clearly grinning from ear-to-ear.

Still, Cordy found it a little funny as she got in John’s bridal car, since she was not in it when she came.

It was a little quiet, with neither of them speaking.

Cordy had the nagging feeling that John was a little nervous too, but about what?

Her heart soon skipped a beat as she remembered their wedding night…

She pursed her lips, her heart racing unwittingly.

“Where’s Dicky?” she asked, trying to hide her nerves.

“I had Winston take him home,” John replied. “He’s still a kid. He shouldn’t be staying up late.”

“Yeah.” Cordy nodded before asking, “Are we going to Levine Manor?”

“Nope. I’ve prepared a house for us,” John said.

Cordy pursed her lips-that meant they would be staying together alone…

“Is Dicky staying with us?” she pressed.

“No, I sent him to Levine Manor.”

That meant it was just her and John tonight.

Was he not being a little obvious about what he wanted?!

With that, they both got silent again.

It took a while when they finally arrived at the house John got for them.

It was a mansion on a hill, and Cordy thought then that he really liked such locations.

Or perhaps he preferred seclusion?

John got out first, walking around the car and opening the door for her in gentlemanly fashion.

As she alighted, she looked up at the mansion and noticed the lights were not on.

Could the power be out?

It was a quiet place, devoid of any signs of life or light, only illuminated by sporadic starry radiance.

Being enveloped in darkness was certainly a little creepy…

Cordy turned to John just then, but before she could ask what was going on, he started to lead her

This time, he was holding her hand firmly, but she could feel the sweat on his palm.

Was he nervous too?!

Cordy gritted her teeth but followed him inside anyway-if John dared to enter, why would she not?

In fact, she would be more scared if she was left alone outside the mansion, what with the chauffeur
driving off already.

Hence, Cordy gingerly followed John as she opened the mansion door.

When she stepped inside, a light suddenly lit up at her feet.

As she did a double take, she took another step with John, and another light lit up.

So, this was a surprise he prepared?

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