Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1253

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Cordy stared at the fireworks that seemed to blanket the skies and John’s bewitching face beneath, her
emotions ruffled…

He really was in love with her and prepared so much for her.

Her eyes welled with tears-she thought she would never feel touched like this ever again.

John was looking at her dewy eyes in turn.

As they held each other gaze lovingly, all the ugliness, misunderstandings and repressed grievances
seemed to fade.

In fact, the world seemed to vanish as well, as they only had eyes for each other.

John leaned his face toward her just then while she blinked before closing her eyes.

As he gently kissed her lips, their hearts seemed to be awash with warmth.

Cordy could not help clenching her knuckles as John held her lips, allowing him more.

Hence, while it was a gentle brush at first, tongue was soon involved, and they started panting.

He then scooped her up in his arms, while she wrapped her arms around his neck by instinct.

They were very close, their breathing ragged and their hearts racing.

John carried her through the living room and up to the second floor, opening the door to their large
bridal room, which was decorated lavishly.

Cordy was wearing a white evening gown, and her dainty figure was a stark contrast against the huge
bed as John carried her over. The blush on her cheek stood out from the crisp white sheets with a
tempting charm.

John threw off his suit and took off his necktie then, unbuttoning his shirt as he leaned toward her, his
burly form pinning her beneath him.

Cord/s fingers nervously clenched on the sheets.

It had been so many years since they did it, and their son was already ten… but this was the third time
they were doing it.

Cordy could even feel the urgency John felt as he leaned close to her face while repressing his libido,
showering her cheeks with tiny kisses before moving on to her nose, lips, ears, and neck…

At the same time, he reached beneath her, pulling down the zipper of her gown that extended to her

The chill that ensued sent her heart raising, and she seemed to regain her rationality in that instant.

John was nuzzling around her collarbone, and her lips were just beside his ear as she said, “John… is
it too much of a buzzkill if I said I want to take a bath right now?”

John stiffened-he was certainly reluctant to pull away from her body.

As he looked beneath her at her flushed cheeks, he certainly was eager to get going…

Even so, he knew he must not rush things, and he did not expect himself to be that impatient either-
especially since taking a bath first was a part of his plan.

He gulped, repressing the fiery libido in him as he said, “No, I got ahead of myself. You should take a

Cordy nodded quietly and crawled out from beneath him, leaving him feeling a little empty as the
softness beneath him disappeared.

As Cordy entered the bathroom, John sighed lengthily and headed to the bathroom in the next room.

He should save time and be tactful enough to take a bath while Cordy did the same.

He did so solemnly, cleaning himself although he was doing it a little quickly..

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