Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1254

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John returned to their room after finishing his bath and saw that Cordy was not done with hers, just as
he had expected.

He did not hurry her and sat against the headboard instead, scrolling aimlessly through his phone as
he waited for Cordy.

He was clearly distracted, tensing up whenever he sensed movement from the bathroom.

However, it was until after over ten minutes that Cordy finally opened the bathroom door, dressed in a
pink bathrobe while having her wet hair wrapped in a towel, clearly having washed it.

The bathrobe was a couple’s set with the other being blue. John could not wear it since it was already
in the bathroom after Cordy got in, so he wore a white one that was kept next door.

He stared at Cordy, whose cheeks were still flushed after her bath, and her skin crystal fair under the

John could not help licking his dry lips-Cordy looked really appetizing at that very moment.

Still, he did not give in to excitement and jump on her right away-instead, he walked to the bathroom to
get the hair dryer.

Cordy could see the look on his face, but she did not say what was on her mind.

He told her, “Dry your hair first or you’ll catch a cold.”

Heaven knows how much restraint it took him to repress his lust and speak so calmly.

“Yeah.” Cordy nodded, and John helped her blow dry it.

Her hair had the scent of fresh shampoo after it was dry, and though it was a normal scent, John felt
like it would take his breath away.

He quelled the storm in the night, telling himself that he just had to wait a little longer.

The night was still young after all, and he was in no rush.

After a long while and drying all her hair, he lowered the hair dryer and stared fixedly with a burning

The fire in his eyes certainly could not be concealed…

Cordy pursed her lips, unable to tell him right then.

That was, until John finally could not stop himself and started to lean his face toward her.

“John, I… I’m on my period,” she said.

John was barely an inch away from her lips as he was left petrified from head to toe, his brain too hot to
realize what Cordy had just said.

She said… she was on her period?

In other words…

At that very moment, he felt like he was on a rollercoaster, reaching a peak one moment and
plummeting the next.

‘I have to experience this once to actually feel what it is like!’

“So, not tonight,” Cordy added, since he was not responding for a while.

John nodded, while he quietly composed himself.

In fact, he was never confident they would consummate tonight anyway-it was just that he was very
hopeful since Cordy was not saying no before.

There was no hiding how much he felt let down, as if he was crumbling. In truth, she did not expect that
the time of the month would come tonight, since it was supposed to be in another two days judging
from the usual cycle.

Someone up there was probably just messing with her or punishing John…

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