Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1255

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Cordy actually felt guilty.

She and John were sleeping in the same bed on their wedding night but were doing nothing at all.

She had no intention of shirking her spousal obligation since she decided to marry John.

To her, marriage was no child’s play, and it should be treated solemnly.

Even so, what happened tonight was definitely unexpected, and Cordy felt even more guilty when she
saw the box of condoms in the bedside drawer.

John had really prepared for everything.

In fact, that was not al I—he even prepared underwear and sanitary pads for her, so there was nothing
to worry about despite the surprise.

John probably just did not expect that she would need the pads tonight.

In fact, Cordy had trouble sleeping the whole night, tossing and turning in bed, probably because she
was not used to sleeping in a new place.

As for the man beside her, he did not sleep at all.

They were still asleep late into the morning because of that until John’s phone rang.

He picked it up. “Aunt Nancy…”

“Why aren’t you here?!” Nancy snapped from the other end.

John checked the time to see that it was past ten.

Still, he was not in a hurry at all as he quietly replied, “Be back soon.”

“The sooner the better. Don’t keep us waiting.”

“Okay,” John said and hung up, having every intention to sleep in until he turned to see Cordy.

She was clearly woken up by the call. “Your aunt?”

“Don’t worry. You can sleep a little longer…”

“No, let’s go already. I’d rather not get her stink-eye at Levine Manor,” Cordy said, pushing herself out
of bed with considerable difficulty.

She was certainly aware of Nancy’s bad temper, and everything would be fine if it went her way.

If it did not, the look on her face alone would be horrific.

“Don’t worry, she’s not going to get upset with you,” John said, clearly feeling Cordy’s exhaustion.
“She’s so worried I’d be celibate that she would never dare upset you.”

Cordy did a double take, though she soon understood what he meant.

Was he saying that he would never marry any other woman beside her?

She felt a faint warmth on her chest just then-she had no idea if she really accepted that she and John
were married, but she definitely accepted her relationship with John now.

As such, she quietly lay down.

But just as she was going to sleep, her phone rang with a call from Zoe.

She picked it up. “Zoe?”

“Are you still sleeping with Johnny?!” Zoe asked a little too loudly.


How was she supposed to answer that?!

“Anyway, I’m at Levine Manor already, and Ms. Levine here is saying that you and John aren’t even up

Cordy stayed silent, unable to answer.

Zoe laughed mischievously at her silence. “So, it’s been a long night, huh? Leaving early but still
unable to even get up … Was a box of condoms even enough? Wait, no. You need to get Dicky a
sibling, so don’t use protection… Hold on, John would definitely insist on protection, right? I mean, he
didn’t see any action for years, so he’d definitely want to enjoy himself for a while first, or he’d suffer a
stroke if it’s bulls-eye! So? How was it? Was one box enough?”

Cordy was left speechless as she rambled on. “No, last night we-“

Before she could finish, however, Zoe quickly said, “Hold on, Ms. Levine is calling us again. Get here
soon-let’s discuss this face to face.”

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