Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1256

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Zoe promptly hung up, while Cordy turned toward John and said, “Zoe and Jay have both returned to
Levine Manor. Let’s join them-Dicky’s there too.”

John nodded, since they would not not get any sleep in peace.

They got out of bed and started washing up.

John then entered the bathroom first, telling Cordy, “Your clothes are in the closet room.”

Cordy headed over, and found the closet room so huge it could match their bedroom.

She opened one of the closets to find rows of women’s clothing arranged neatly, outnumbering John’s
clothes by a ton.

Naturally, every piece of clothing was her size-John certainly made considerable effort preparing this

As such, she wondered again how traumatizing it would be if she had rejected his proposal.

Still, she did not mull for too long-the dust had settled, and everything was going to be better now.

She picked a set of rather formal clothes and put on light makeup while John put on a suit.

They got in the car together, with Cordy admiring the scenery outside while he drove.

They were married, and they were no strangers-but for some reason, being in the same room made
things a little awkward.

As such, Cordy kept staring outside to kill time, until she blinked and said, “This isn’t the way to Levine

“No. We’re going to the civil registration office.”

While Cordy did a double take, John added, “We haven’t registered our marriage yet.”

Cordy finally remembered then that they only had the wedding ceremony directly after John proposed.

She certainly forgot about the legal formalities.

“I didn’t bring my ID and other documents,” she quickly said.

“I did,” John replied. “Yours are with me too.”


“Dicky brought them for me just two days ago.”

Cordy was speechless.

Still, John was the one who raised Richard since he was a baby, so it was natural that their son showed
bias for his daddy.

Soon, they arrived at the civil registration office, and they both alighted to get their marriage registered.

Zoe called them again while they did, saying that they should spare them the daytime since they had
plenty of time at night.

She certainly left Cordy at a loss for words, but since Cordy could not say too much at a formal place,
she quickly hung up.

They soon received their marriage certificate, and Cordy started feeling an emotion she could not quite

Getting married was really much quicker than she thought.

She turned toward John to find him staring at the marriage certificate too, doing so for a long while as
she wondered what he was really staring at…

“Shouldn’t we be going now?” Cordy asked.

“Yeah.” John seemed to come to his senses right then.

And when he did, the smile on his face was all too obvious, and he seemed to shine even though the
sun was right above.

Cordy lowered her eyes.

She, too, was clearly smiling without realizing it.

They headed back to the car and returned to Levine Manor, though they could hear Zoe from afar,
saying, “Can’t you give it a rest, Ms, Levine? It’s been a literal decade since John and Cordy last
consummated. It’s only natural that they’re glued to each other right now!”

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