Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1257

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Cordy froze outside the front door, left embarrassed by Zoe even before she stepped inside.

Talk about a rock and a hard place…

Still, Zoe turned and saw her right then but appeared completely unabashed as she called out to Cordy
loudly, “Oh, Cordy! You finally brought my cousin―l mean, my nephew home!”

John pursed his lips-Zoe was really getting full of herself after she took a promotion in seniority.

And to make things worse, he could not argue-which really felt like a defeat.

“Your dear aunt is getting real impatient. I think she’ll drag you both out of bed if you still drag your
feet,” Zoe teased.

“Watch your manners,” Nancy snapped.

“What manners? I’m their aunt too-what I say goes,” Zoe argued.

Nancy was stumped, while Jay quickly smoothed things over. “Why don’t we get things underway?
Everyone’s hungry, especially the kids.”

He was certainly concerned that Nancy would start fighting Zoe, especially the latter being so fearless
after she got over her past history with Nancy.

Nancy shot Zoe a look and huffed, “Yes, Dicky shouldn’t go hungry especially during puberty, so I’ll
refrain from getting into another argument. Wilma, prepare some tea.”

“Yes, Ms. Levine,” the servant promptly said.

Naturally, Nancy took the main seat since she was the eldest member of the Levine family, while Jay
and Zoe should offer her tea per tradition as newlyweds.

They took the tea cups the servant brought, with Jay serving her respectfully, “Have some tea, Nancy.”

Nancy glanced at him briefly before taking his cup for a sip and then handing him a gift envelope.

“Thank you,” Jay told her.

It was Zoe’s turn after Jay, and she did so eagerly. “Have some tea, sister.”

Nancy felt like she had a day shaved off her lifespan whenever she heard Zoe say ‘sister’.

She shot Zoe a look, while the tea somehow felt stressful to drink.

She earnestly would rather Jay not end up with Zoe, but unfortunately, harmony in the family came first!

After all, Nancy’s father always wished the family would be peaceful and prosperous.

It was not as if she accepted Zoe— she was just fulfilling her father’s wish so that his soul could rest in

Taking the cup Zoe offered, she strained herself to take a sip.

On the other hand, Zoe did not mind at all since she never held out hope for Nancy-she just had to do
her part well, and that was enough.

After Nancy drank the tea, she gave Zoe a gift envelope too.

Zoe somehow could not help finding it a bit thin and touched Jay’s.

She knew it. Nancy was giving preferential treatment!

And as usual, she did not hold her tongue at all. “Come on, sister! Isn’t this too obvious?! You shouldn’t
harass me like this even if you hate me! I mean, how thin is this envelope?! I’m your younger brother’s
wife-you shouldn’t go this far even if it’s for appearance’s sake!”

She could accept Nancy being nice to Jay, but did she have to be this obvious?! She had her own
dignity too!

On the other hand, Nancy rolled her eyes at Zoe and ignored Zoe.

Bristling right then, Zoe snatched opened Jay’s gift envelope and found a stack of dollar bills, probably
amounting up to one grand!

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