Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1259

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“Why not?” Nancy calmly shot back. “Legitimate children take priority!”

Zoe was stunned for a moment, before realizing what Nancy meant.

Turning toward Jay, she told him, “Your sister is calling you a b*st*rd.”

Jay was speechless-Zoe really took it all in stride, did she not?

Nancy in turn ignored Zoe and helped Cordy with the bangle, satisfied with how it looked on her wrist.
“Johnny’s grandmother would definitely be pleased to know that he married such a great wife.”

Cordy was a little embarrassed from the flattery, while Nancy quickly said, “Alright, let’s eat.”

“Thank you, Aunt Nancy,” Cordy said earnestly-being accepted by family was most precious and
emotional for her, someone who was denied familial warmth since she was a child.

After the tea ceremony, everyone headed to Levine Manor’s spacious dining hall for lunch.

Zoe was famished, since she hurried to Levine Manor without breakfast, worried that Nancy would
scold her for being late.

In fact, she would probably get upset if anything did not go her way at all.

Somehow, even after they rushed to Levine Manor, neither Cordy nor John arrived, even taking their
sweet time to come.

Truly, the difference in treatment given to illegitimate children was all too obvious-and as the wife of
one, she should be more self-conscious.

“You should eat more, Cordy,” Nancy told Cordy, as if worried her hospitality was lacking.

Zoe did not take exception, since Nancy would not actually be sincerely nice to her anyway.

In fact, she felt lucky that Nancy did not already kick her to the curb.

Still, as Zoe ate, she wondered if she was imagining it, but every dish was her favorite.

She could even swear she tasted her childhood.

Did Levine Manor not change their chef after so many years? The man must be advanced in age.

Zoe savored every bite, since she did not have to take care of Yelena, who was snuggling into Jay’s
arms constantly.

Nancy had enough just then, and snapped sternly, “Zoe York, can’t you take care of Yelena a little?!
Jay hasn’t taken a bite from the start!”

“But Yelena doesn’t want me to.”

“How could she not?”

Not bothered to explain, Zoe simply turned toward Yelena.” Want me to feed you, Yelena?”

“Nope.” Yelena refused right away. “I want Daddy or Dicky.”

“Not Dicky,” Nancy snapped before Richard could speak. “He has to eat-he’s going through puberty.”

Zoe shrugged nonchalantly, and kept eating.

Nancy inhaled deeply in turn and asked Yelena, “How about I feed you, Yelena?”

Yelena, who was sitting tamely on Jay’s lap, blinked her large round eyes at Nancy for a moment
before answering adorably, “Okay.”

Zoe was speechless and stared at Yelena in disbelief.

Her own daughter would not let her touch her but would let Nancy do it?!

She was used to Yelena hating her, but now, she felt a sense of disappointment.

In fact, Nancy was surprised that Yelena would agree, since everyone could see how clingy Yelena was
to Jay.

“It’s alright, Nancy. You eat—I’ll feed her,” Jay said just then.

“I’m not hungry,” Nancy said. “I’ve eaten earlier and I’m still full. Don’t worry.”

“Okay. Thank you,” Jay said as he passed Yelena to Nancy.

“Thank you, Grandma,” Yelena echoed, imitating Jay’s good manners right then.

“Not Grandma-it’s Aunt Nancy,” Zoe corrected her.

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